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Health and Safety Incident Management

Health and Safety Management

Incident Management Explained - Watch Video Now

Create Safe & Healthy Workplaces – By Proactively Reducing Risk from Incidents

Reduce incidents, enable an enterprise-wide safety culture and encourage employee participation in workplace health and safety processes with ComplianceQuest’s Health & Safety Incident Management Solution

Make it easy for your workforce – both the health and safety team and people across you organization – to track, manage and act swiftly on any incidents, near misses, and safety


Centralize all your incident data, near misses, safety observations, investigations for implementing agile corrective actions with ComplianceQuest’s Health and Safety Incident Management Solution.

Furthermore, mitigate risks and prevent accidents by detecting a hazardous trend ahead of time using built-in analytics, predictive intelligence, dashboards, and mobile capabilities. By instilling an enterprise-wide safety culture you can reduce the cost of compensation, improve employee productivity and morale, enhance brand reputation and increase regulatory compliance with ComplianceQuest Health and Safety Incident Management solution.

Being built on Salesforce.com, our solution is flexible, scalable, and customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Our search feature is “global by design,” making it easy for health and safety leaders to find anything related to specific injuries, incidents, or illnesses from the past and using this to plan safety management and risk mitigation strategies based on data.

Take advantage of having a rapid return on value and leverage our 100% successful implementations. Our team comes with deep subject matter expertise and industry experience in health and safety processes.At ComplianceQuest, we’ve worked with customers in 900+ locations worldwide, helping them automate quality and safety management workflows.

Proactively Reduce Number of Incidents

Automate and digitally transform your health and safety workflows, with the key goal of reducing the incident rate and enabling continuous improvement. Empower employees to report incidents or near-misses as they are happening for speedy response and remediation using an easy-to-use solution with optimized analytics and data visualization tailored to your needs.

Reduce Number of Incidents with ComplianceQuest Solutions
Risk Mitigation with CQ Incident management software

Data-driven Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risk at the enterprise level. Using world-class advanced analytics capabilities and dashboards, you are able to slice and dice data at various levels. Spot trends and patterns and use predictive analytics to decipher which injuries or safety hazards are likely. Mitigate risks in time using a solution that is designed for data visibility, traceability, and accountability of safety actions.

Build an enterprise-wide safety culture

Several health and safety leaders believe that a genuinely enterprise-wide safety culture will become a reality only when everyone in the organization thinks about health and safety metrics. The ComplianceQuest solution incorporates a user-friendly, intuitive portal wherein employees from any department and in any location can report an incident, near-miss, or observation. Take preventive measures with a “system of collaboration,” helping various teams and key stakeholders collaborate and work together. Allows for the positive reinforcement, wherein a successful safety action taken is appreciated and noted for future reference.

Build an enterprise-wide safety culture with ComplianceQuest
Automate Regulatory Submission & Compliance with ComplianceQuest Incident management software

Automate Regulatory Submission & Compliance

Produce OSHA 300, 300A, or 301 incident forms electronically with just a few clicks. As regulations become increasingly complex and expansive, more companies move into the OSHA severe violator category each year. The social cost of injuries is profound, the loss of productivity difficult to quantify, and compensation costs are estimated to be close to $1B in the US alone. CQ Health and Safety Incident Management drives efficiency into the process of regulatory compliance.

Helps focus on Employee Well-Being

In today’s world, organizations have to look inward as much as they continue to focus on customers and growth. The first step to building a top-notch brand is building an enterprise that deeply cares about its people. Put your employees-first. ComplianceQuest’s Health and Safety Incident Management is designed for the entire organization with collaboration, analytics, dashboarding, and predictive intelligence features all designed with this goal in mind.

Ensure Employee well-being with Incident Management software

Support Your Entire Organization

Health and Safety Team

Health and Safety Team

CQ EHS Software is easy to use, mobile-friendly, saves time, and comes with dashboards for quick insights

Executive User


Enables risk mitigation, reduces incidents, and the resultant worker compensation and claims. Dashboards help management have a finger on the pulse of all health and safety-related metrics

Employees progress


Easy to report incidents, near-misses, and observations and track progress on actions taken

“Moving to CQ HSE was worth the effort and will pay for itself within the year, but what really matters is that we have a fully functional HSE software that can grow and evolve with the business. The mobile features and real-time data capture provide great accessibility to the HSE program for all levels of staff.”

- Andre Perrault, Manager, Health Safety & Environmenty , Altex Energy

Key Features of CQ Incident Management Solution

Key Features of CQ Incident Management Solution

incident management features

OSHA Reporting & Compliance

OSHA Reporting & Compliance

Produce OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 incident forms electronically with just a few clicks

Near Miss

Near Miss

Ensure that a near miss never becomes an incident by reporting and tracking any unplanned event that did not immediately result in an injury or damage

Incident Submission Wizard

Incident Submission/Wizard

Quickly and easily triage near miss and safety events from a streamlined point of entry

Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Employees and contractors leverage a common easy to use interface to complete safety tasks and ensure compliance

Injury & Illness

Injury & Illness

Easily track, manage, and report on any incident from initial entry to completion

Property, Assets, & Motor Vehicles

Property, Assets, & Motor Vehicles

Create comprehensive reports with pictures on all property, assets, or motor vehicle-related incidents, the causes, costs, corrective actions, and trends easily and in one place

Environmental Hazards & Spills

Environmental Hazards & Spills

Track environmental-related hazards and spills and stay compliant at all times

Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting & Dashboards

Access real-time reporting anytime on any device and create accessible, useful dashboards with just a few clicks to analyze and garner insights from data. It also offers the ability to drill-down and analyze health and safety data by location or injury type

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