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health and safety management framework

Measuring and improving Health & Safety Management System for sustainable living.

Health & Safety Management System – the proven method of enhancing productivity and minimizing risk

health and safety management framework

What is a Health and Safety Management System Framework?

Health and safety management systems are a key factor if you want a workplace that’s healthier and safer. Developing a health and safety program in your workplace is an efficient way of protecting your valuable asset, that is, your workers. The organization should maintain and establish procedures to respond to accidents and emergency situations and to prevent and reduce the health and safety impacts associated with them. They should provide the framework and structure to create industry-leading safety and reliability performance across the company for continual improvement. ComplianceQuest’s Health & Safety Management System Framework combines safety management methodology with robust technology to collect, collate and trend health and safety data related to any risk to the health and wellbeing of clients, staff, contractors or the community.

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Why is a Health and Safety Management System Framework important?

Health & Safety Management System Framework provides a standard approach for managing process safety, personal safety and operational credibility ensuring continuous improvement upon all aspects of health & safety performance. Companies can achieve industry-leading health & safety performance through systematic and active management of:

health and safety framework - process safety

Process safety

Process safety focuses on preventing, detecting, controlling and mitigating incidents or injuries.

health and safety framework - personal safety

Personal safety

Personal safety implies identifying and eliminating or mitigating workplace and job-specific hazards that can injure or kill members of our team or lead to occupational illness.

health and safety framework - operation credibility

Operational credibility

Operational credibility includes preventing, detecting, controlling and mitigating events that have the potential to interrupt or impede the effective and smooth operation of your systems and assets.

health and safety system framework benefits

Benefits of health and safety management system

A health and safety management system fosters a safe and healthy work environment for the development of organizations and working cultures to promote a positive social climate and smooth operation and enhance productivity of the organization. Here are some key potential benefits of Health and safety management system as follows:

  • managing H&S risks and improving H&S performance by developing and implementing effective policies
  • reducing workplace incidents
  • increasing productivity and enhancing reputation
  • Reinforcing leadership commitment to proactively improve H&S performance

Best Practices of HSE Safety

To boost employee morale and productivity, the following best practices are important to follow:

  • Integrating both health and safety management systems at the design stage
  • Having a clear health and safety goal with documented policies and procedures
  • Automated Health & Safety management system to allow the organization to dynamically adapt to the changing environment with minimal disruption to business workflows.
health and safety management framework best practices
Health and Safety Risk

Reducing the Health and Safety Risk of Air Pollution for Warehouse Employees

What should a safety management system include?

Every organization’s safety management system should reflect the completed work and regulatory requirements. Every safety program includes the following:

  • Management Commitment to Safety

  • Written Safety Programs and Procedures

  • Employee Involvement

  • Employee Training

  • Hazard Recognition and Control

  • Accident and Incident Reporting

  • Incident Investigations

  • Using Incident Analysis

  • Communications

Components of a health and safety management system

The best health and safety management systems apply a consistent, sustained approach based on a thorough understanding of the specific hazards and risks the organization faces daily. A potent health & safety management system provides and keeps a culture of safety that penetrates the entire organization. The key components of a successful health and safety management system are:

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Commitment and Management leadership

Commitment and leadership provide the vision, establish the policy, set goals, and provide resources to lead and support the implementation of your H&S management programs and system.

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Health and Safety training and Instruction

Everyone in the workplace needs to understand their responsibilities while implementing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Management should understand their role in setting policies and leading the H&S management system and programs. Employers must ensure that their employees are qualified, trained, and competent to perform their tasks.

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Implementation and Operation

For effective H&S implementation, there should be a systematic approach to carry out the health and safety policy through an effective health and safety management system. The purpose is to mitigate risks to determine priorities and set objectives for eliminating hazards.

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Measuring performance

The organization should measure, monitor and evaluate health and safety performance to determine when and where improvement is needed. Active and reactive self-monitoring determine the immediate causes of performance and implications for the design and operation of the health and safety management system.

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Auditing and Reviewing performance

The organization should review performance based on data from monitoring and from independent audits of the whole health and safety management system and improve it systematically.

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Customer Success

3 North American Companies Reduce Incidents and Strengthen Safety Culture with ComplianceQuest’s Next-Gen Safety Management Solution

Case study -machhoffs griffiths altex
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health and safety framework requirements

Requirements for a Health and Safety Management Framework

Managing health and safety is an important goal that many organizations have recognized as an effective way to provide a safer working environment for employees and to cut corporate costs. Health and safety management framework is used to record, manage, and analyze safety-related data. Some requirements for Health and Safety Management Framework are:

  • Identification of legal and other requirements
  • A clear structure for authority and responsibility
  • Measurable objectives for improvement
  • A structured approach to risk assessment
  • A documented approach to health and safety
  • Tracking of health and safety issues and auditing of performance

Outstanding execution and solution coverage

We implemented this software where I work and have been overall happy with the outcome. After taking a day or two workings to learn the software, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways! There’s also a huge library of training videos provided with the subscription, and an easy to use ticket portal. Moving to CQ HSE was worth the effort and will pay for itself within the year, but what really matters is that we have a fully functional HSE software that can grow and evolve with the business. The mobile features and real-time data capture provides great accessibility to the HSE program for all levels of staff.

Andre Perrault,
Manager, Health Safety & Environment

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How does CQ help with HSE?

Employee Safety

Manage current and emerging hazards for workers, contractors, suppliers, clients and the community as full operations resume.

Safety Risk Management

Collect and analyze information from operations to understand the hazards and manage the risk.

Management Tools

Ensure safety managers and HR have the information at their fingertips to manage the return of staff after illness or injury.

Facility Compliance

Provide the tools and schedule for consistent inspections to ensure safety of people and quality of operations.


Take the guesswork out of decision-making with real time data and metrics across the organization.

CQ's Solutions for HSE Safety

To ensure that every employee stays healthy at their workplace, ComplianceQuest’s HSE safety solutions make it easy to track and report your safety data, analyze trends and draw insights, meet compliance requirements and cut down administrative work.

  • Safety Event Reporting

    Promote your safety culture by ensuring workers have easy access to report injuries, accidents, or near misses that could affect safety on the worksite. Reports are addressed to manage the risk, ensure an effective response, and if required, be reported directly to the regulatory agency.

  • CAPA

    CAPA enables companies to investigate and address unwanted events, hazards to facilitate change management by assigning to the right people, monitoring the workflow and providing full visibility.

  • Worksite Inspections

    Worksite inspections keep your inspections seamless, consistent, timely and mobile on any device and allow managers to assign actions to unwanted findings, all available in one record for easy tracking and trend analysis.

  • Safety Observations

    Providing workers with a means to engage in the Safety Culture and to report positive or negative observations. Safety managers can use the data to assign investigations or trending, and actions depending on what is required.

  • Compliance Management

    Our compliance management module is managed by Enhesa, the world’s largest provider of EHS regulatory requirements that offers the capability of undertaking a regulatory applicability analysis for a particular geography or operation.

  • Stakeholder Management

    With ComplianceQuest’s health and safety management solution, you can manage all your stakeholders ensuring their business needs are being fulfilled.

  • Risk Management

    Through our internally developed risk management module, you can maintain all hazards & risks in a consolidated document, categorize risks, classify risks based on the function or process, follow the hierarchy of controls, assign risk owners and frequency of review, alter the risk level based on the effectiveness of the control measure.

  • Toolbox Talks

    Create and record the information for your Toolbox Talks, share the information and receive the electronic signature of attendees from their mobile.

  • Stop Work Authority

    Record a Stop Work Order and manage the risk to return to operations.

  • Safety Notifications and Collaboration

    Improve Health and Safety communication and transparency.

  • Analytics and Dashboards

    Have the Health and Safety metrics of your workplace at your fingertips for improved decision-making and oversight.

Ensure employee health at their workplace with CQ’s health and safety management system framework, which makes it easy to track and report safety data, analyze and draw insights, meet compliance requirements and cut down on administration work

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Health and safety advisers should be capable of advising on:

    • Formulating and developing health and safety policies.

    • Promoting a positive health and safety culture in the organization and securing the effective implementation of health and safety policy.

    • Establishing suitable systems and performance standards.

    • Regular implementation and monitoring of policy and plans, including accident and incident investigation, reporting and analysis.

    • Reviewing performance and auditing the whole health and safety management system.

  • An organization should perform an initial review of the health and safety management system, and follow up with regular reviews. The initial review should compare existing health and safety practice with:

    • the requirements of health and safety legislation

    • the specific provisions of organizations’ Safety Statement

    • health and safety guidance in the organization

    • existing health and safety guidance

  • A health and safety policy is a written statement recognising that health and safety are an integral part of the organization’s business performance. The health and safety policy must:

    • be concerned about the hazards and risks of the organization’s work activities.

    • provide a framework for measuring performance and ensuring continuous improvement by setting, auditing and reviewing health and safety objectives and targets.

    • be documented, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.

    • cover employee health and safety consultation.

    • provide for employee co-operation and compliance with safety rules and procedures.


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