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Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

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Extend your equipment life and keep it running efficiently – with data and automation

Improve Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), reduce equipment downtime, and ensure calibration and preventive maintenance schedules are on track with an automated Equipment Management workflow



With CQ Equipment Management Solution, you can simplify your equipment management right from tracking, scheduling, maintaining calibration, performing regular maintenance activities, to reporting.

It also enables users to have an on-demand 360-degree view of their equipment, including adherence to regulatory requirements and international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 10012. ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Software facilitates getting the best performance out of your equipment and instruments, resulting in an improved production process and faster time-to-market, while reducing the cost of production.

Test, Calibrate, and Validate all your Equipment and Instruments

All equipment (including instruments) need to be tested for deviations and corrected to prevent nonconformance, initiate CAPA based on the severity of variations, and establish parameters for future maintenance and calibration. Automate the equipment lifecycle workflow with ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Software and ensure it meets your internal requirements.

Equipment Management Software - Test, Calibrate, and Validate
Equipment Management Software reduce downtime and repair

Keep Costs Low with Preventive Maintenance - reducing downtime and repair

With periodic preventive maintenance, improve the life of the equipment as well as ensure smooth operations and planned downtimes to prevent unscheduled disruptions to the production process. With ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Software, you can automate equipment maintenance workflow by scheduling maintenance, receiving notifications, and protecting your equipment from repeat breakdowns.

Helps increase Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

A piece of equipment is an asset that can provide a good return on investment when well-maintained and calibrated. It can serve you for a long time and enable producing quality products that meet customer requirements, regulatory standards, and internal specifications. With CQ Equipment Management, you not only protect your assets but your investments as well.

Equipment Management Software increase ROIC
Equipment Management Software

Drive-up OEE Metrics by Ensuring Integrity of Data and Continuous Improvement

Automating equipment management processes also provides access to data that helps spot trends and drive Continuous Improvements, enhancing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The CQ solution provides an enterprise-wide view of all equipment related data to help with overall decision making related to equipment maintenance and replacement.

Meet Standards Associated with Calibration and Maintenance

Regulatory standards such as ISO 10012 provide guidelines for the management of measurement processes and for calibrating measuring instruments. ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Software streamlines and digitizes the process of helping enterprises meet these guidelines.

Equipment Management Software to Meet Standards
Equipment Management Software drive-up OEE metrics

Easily Integrates with Nonconformance and CAPA Modules

An automated equipment management system seamlessly integrates with other modules of the EQMS system such as Nonconformance and CAPA. This helps with the effective utilization of resources for addressing high-risk issues and initiating preventive measures for future issues.

Be Assured of Product Quality and Reduce Risk of Product Recalls

A piece of well-calibrated equipment can ensure the manufacture of products as per specifications and meet internal and external standards. ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Software helps in preventing potential failures, loss of quality and resultant product recalls.

Equipment Management System to assure product quality and reduce risk

Support Your Entire Organization

QC Managers for Equipment Management

QC Managers

Establish internal and external parameters to measure equipment effectiveness and schedule periodic maintenance

Calibration or Maintenance Techs for Equipment Management

Calibration or Maintenance Techs

Schedule regular inspections of equipment perform calibration or maintenance activities, document findings and enable corrective action

Management Department uses CQ Equipment Management


Provide oversight into equipment management, take strategic decisions on equipment acquisition and maintenance and initiate continuous improvements

Plant Managers uses CQ Equipment Management

Plant Managers

Help plant managers and the shop floor team keep track of equipment-related metrics with ease

“I selected CQ for a number of reasons. Functionality and a simple user interface were key requirements. CQ has all the functionality needed in support of a global QMS. Implementation includes; Document control, change order, personnel training, NC/CAPA, equipment management, supplier management, audit management, and customer complaints all on a single platform. As a rapidly evolving biologics company, it was critical to find a single solution to meet our GMP quality system requirements. We wanted a cloud-based system, that would be quick to implement, that could be expanded globally and in other languages, all for a reasonable price. The user interface – it is exactly what I was hoping for. I constantly hear the staff saying, “I love CQ, it’s so straightforward to use”.

–Sr. Director Quality, at a startup biotechnology company

Key CQ Equipment Management Features

Key CQ Equipment Management Features

Key CQ Equipment Management Features

Tracking Equipment

Tracking Equipment

Track, schedule, and maintain calibration and report and have an on-demand, 360-degree view of your equipment

Scheduling of Activities

Scheduling of Activities

Create flexible schedules for calibration and periodic maintenance activities at designated intervals

Alerting for Calibration or Maintenance

Alerting for Calibration or Maintenance

Get alerts about the calibration or the maintenance of pending scheduled activities

Calibration Activities

Calibration Activities

Track, review, and sign-off calibration activities and store calibration certificates

Maintenance Activities

Maintenance Activities

Document, track, and close various maintenance activities for specific equipment and review for compliance

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Utilize pre-developed best-practices-based reports, create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your requirements



Reach out to others across the enterprise and in the supply chain to solicit feedback without having to give up ownership of the tasks

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Access your QHSE solution on the go, anywhere, anytime and on any device

Social Like & Follow

Social Like and Follow

Like and follow relevant records in the system and be notified via email, dashboard, and mobile to stay abreast of developments

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