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Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

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CQ Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System (EMS)

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Every company leaves an environmental footprint – be it because of the staff using transportation to commute to work or the waste generated, or even greenhouse gas emissions. Life sciences companies also generate biomedical waste.

All these need to be managed, efficiencies introduced in processes to reduce the impact of business processes on the environment and also comply with regulatory standards governing it. Regulations such as those stipulated by the Environment Protection Agency, Clean Air Act and aim to guide and enforce businesses to implement sustainable practices such as reduce waste, lower emissions and become environmental stewards for the geographies we work in and inhabit.

What is an Environmental Management System?

Most responsible businesses follow the best practices aimed at environmental protection. However, anticipating problems and proactively preventing their occurrence can become challenging due to the increasing complexity of operations. Moreover, for businesses with a presence in multiple geographies, keeping track of different environment-related regulations can become difficult.

ComplianceQuest enables automating environment management through a Environmental Management System (EMS) that offers a range of tools to help reduce the effort in tracking, managing, and reporting. It provides data for informed decision-making to achieve corporate goals as well as comply with environmental regulatory standards. The reports generated will also aid in better planning of your organization’s CSR activities. For instance, if a company’s carbon emissions are high, then the CSR activities could be focused on such initiatives that will lead to a carbon-neutral state as well as enhance the brand’s reputation.

The history of Environmental Management System

The 1960s were a critical time as the environmental movement became popular across the world. Later, in 1972, the first ever UN conference on human environment was conducted in Stockholm. However, it wasn’t until Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit 1992 that the UN decided to work towards protecting the environment from the impact of business activities. Later that year, British Standards Institution published BS 7750 – world’s first EMS standard. In 1996, BS 7750 became the basis for ISO 14001 that was introduced as “EMS- specification and guidance for use”. ISO 14001 enlists a set of 17 essential necessities that are mandatory to help companies deal with environmental issues effectively. Applicable to any organization across sectors and sizes, ISO 14001 was revised in 2015 with deeper changes to adopt Environmental management system (EMS).

Environmental management software

Environmental Management System components

An effective Environmental management system (EMS) will need to be able to perform the following tasks

  • Processes and Impacts
    Processes and Impacts: The CQ Environmental management system(EMS) solution allows you to understand your organizational processes and their potential impact on the environment as a first step to mitigating the risks.
  • Meet Ambitious Environmental Objectives
    Meet Ambitious Environmental Objectives: Through a thorough analysis of all environmental aspects and impacts, set ambitious objectives and targets aimed at reducing these adverse impacts. Our Environmental management system (EMS) provides intelligence reports that will keep you updated on the progress you have made against each of the goals, alert you in case of a deviation, and assist you in achieving these objectives within the set target period.
  • Sustainability Metrics
    Sustainability Metrics: You can track and report emissions to regulatory agencies easily with consistent monitoring to achieve your sustainability goals.
  • Mobile-Ready
    Mobile-Ready: Accidents happen. A robust Environmental management system(EMS) provides staff with a simple mobile tool to report environmental spills and releases and what immediate actions were taken to mitigate the results. Management has oversight and monitoring capabilities to understand the root cause, trend over time, reduce the occurrence of events, and report to regulatory agencies.
  • Permit Management
    Permit Management: Quickly and easily manage a centralized database of all organizational permits using the Environmental management system, including identified prerequisites and clauses to ensure compliance. Automatic proactive and reactive reminders are provided to further the organization’s compliance goals.
  • Notice of Violation
    Notice of Violation: Use the Environmental management system to automate the process of violation reporting and allow for easy identification of the specific regulatory publication that is of issue, the associated investigations, corrective actions, and mitigation plans to minimize the potential social and financial impact.
  • Regulatory Content Library
    Regulatory Content Library: Integrate the Environmental management system (EMS) with STP or ENHESA to maintain a complete listing of regulatory publications that would be applicable for your locations.

Benefits of Environmental Management System

  • 1
    Reduce environmental impact and meet the targets that will improve operation, reduce costs, and help the environment
  • 2
    Track and manage events and seamlessly report issues to regulatory agencies when releases do occur or report the status of the company’s sustainability metrics
  • 3
    Robust Environmental management system helps centralize organizational information to ensure deadlines are met and permits are managed and issued in compliance with environmental regulations
  • 4
    Use Environmental management system (EMS) to remain up to date on regulatory information across locations and the requirements that must be met to comply with local laws, regulations, and best practices

Features of the CQ Environmental Management software

ComplianceQuest – Enterprise Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Software (QHSE) is an integrated cloud-based solution that provides the capabilities to meet ISO 14001:2015 for environmental safety. CQ helps companies with capturing and reporting on environmental audits and incidents anywhere, anytime. It can help identify, analyze, monitor, and mitigate existing and potential hazards and risks, including assigning CAPAs and tracking them to completion. Environmental, safety, and hazard documentation is easily accessible and available for employee training, competency, and certification. Initiate change requests with ease. Collaborate and review requests. Tailor your review process to each type of change.

A smart environmental management system everyone can use to

Ensure accountability at every stage of the environment quality process

With role-based notifications and workflows, ComplianceQuest helps build a no-excuses culture of quality and compliance. CQ’s Environmental management system (EMS) creates automated workflows that notify the right people at the correct times to ensure smooth management of quality processes from start to finish.

Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry or lost paper forms

Smart Environmental management system (EMS) removes the need for physical forms. Complete quality tasks irrespective of where you are as ComplianceQuest’s Environmental Management System can be accessed using any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone – from anywhere.

Setup from start to finish in months, not years

ComplianceQuest’s Environmental management system (EMS) is a flexible and robust solution that can be set up in a few months, not years.

Trust and Secure

ComplianceQuest is built 100% native on the industry-leading Salesforce Lightning Platform. With ComplianceQuest, businesses get the power of Salesforce wrapped into an EHSQ solution tailored specifically to the organization. The applications benefit from Salesforce.com trusted security, always-on availability, performance at scale, global data centers, and enterprise compliance.

CQ for Environmental Management Software: Usage Examples

For companies in the oil & gas, manufacturing, and the healthcare sector, the reputation of being environmentally conscious can be an advantage. Having the ability to effectively monitor, measure, report progress, and meet environment standards can help in building a strong brand reputation. Over the years, CQ’s Environmental management system (EMS) has facilitated organizations to manage, mitigate, and report environmental events along with fulfilling environmental compliance obligations. These tools control the risk to reputation and the environment. The data enables a firm to track and analyze environmental metrics, minimize environmental waste, remain compliant to environmental standards including ISO 14001:2015. The software serves as a single source of truth for all environment-related data while being extensively used to automate processes and workflow related to environmental management. CQ’s Environmental management system (EMS) helps track and manage sustainability metrics, while also enabling continuous improvement of key processes.

Use CQ to look after the standard activities of an EMS

ComplianceQuest’s Environmental Management Solution (EMS) facilitates managing ongoing environmental events as well as mitigating the associated risks to any organization. This has been specifically designed to ensure ease of use for any organization to manage, track, and analyze environmental metrics and gain a holistic view of the business.

  • ISO 9001
    Reporting and analytics: Utilize pre-developed best practices-based reports. Create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your requirement. Information is easily retrievable for better decision-making practice.
  • ISO 9001
    Collaboration: Use CQ’s Environmental management system(EMS) to reach out to others across the organization and in the supply chain to solicit feedback on issues related to environment safety standards.
  • ISO 9001
    Mobile access: Access CQ’s EMS on the go, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Complete access to the solution, including reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts, etc. ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility, and flexibility.
  • ISO 9001
    Social like and follow: Like and follow relevant records in the system. Choose to be notified via email, dashboard, and mobile to stay abreast of developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does automation of the environment management process using Environmental Management System (EMS) help the organization?
  • Automated reminders help further an organization’s compliance goals
  • Enables easy identification of the specific regulatory publication issue and rectification to avoid violation reporting
  • Environmental management system (EMS) helps improve internal and external capabilities
  • Faster product marketing
What are the benefits of cloud-based Environmental Management System (EMS)?

CQ’s Environmental Management System (EMS), built on Salesforce.com, is a cloud-based solution that provides reliability, versatility, and scalability for companies of all sizes with worry-free infrastructure and maintenance.

  • Capture and report environmental audits and incidents anywhere
  • Identify, analyze, monitor, and mitigate all existing and potential hazards and risks, including assigning CAPAs and tracking them to completion
  • Easily accessible environmental, safety, and hazard documentation for employee training, competency, and certification
  • Initiate, collaborate, customize, and review requests with ease
How does the Environmental Management System (EMS) affect ROI?
  • Environmental management system (EMS) helps with easy identification of the specific regulatory issue and the associated investigations, corrective actions, and mitigation plans. As a result, organizations remain compliant with environmental standards, thus minimizing the potential social and financial impact in terms of fines and penalties.
  • Environmental management system (EMS) improves efficiency by providing intelligence reports that keep the organization updated on the progress on environmental objectives, sends alerts in case of a deviation, and assists in achieving these objectives within the set target period.
  • The Environmental management system (EMS) helps to effectively monitor, measure, report progress, and meet targets that will help in enhancing brand reputation, which is good for business.

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