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Environmental Management Software

environmental management software
environmental management software

The focus on the environment has amplified over the last few decades. Stakeholders are focused on being associated with companies that do not damage the environment. In industries like oil & gas, construction, and manufacturing, there are several risk factors caused by improperly maintained equipment, hazards from conducting electrical work or hot work, trips & falls, etc. This can affect the employees’ health and safety (H&S) and the environment. To tackle these issues, you need the right environmental management software for your organization to mitigate the environmental risk. The right software must be able to handle

  • The usage of combustible and flammable materials
  • Biological hazardous chemicals in the lab or risks of unknown biomaterials
  • Musculoskeletal disorders due to slips, poor ergonomics, trips, machinery, repetitive movements, electrical and fire accidents

Environmental management software is designed to help you understand your business’s risks to the environment and reduce them properly. This requires identifying the environmental risk first. With many environmental management software available, choosing the right one can be challenging. Businesses using ComplianceQuest’s environmental risk management tools to handle their design, supplier management, corrective action, and complaint handling have been able to focus on risk detection, evaluation, and control as early as possible. As a result, health & safety leaders can focus on controlling the high-impact risks and a higher likelihood of occurrence with the help of the Risk Assessment Matrix.

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Environmental Management Software

Safety and health management is crucial across industries to ensure a safe workplace for the employees and the environment. If a business doesn’t prioritize safety, it can lead to an unsafe workplace that can cause injury, damage to property & equipment, and disrupt operations for several days. The company may face litigation and pay penalties in case of severe injuries or death.

An unsafe working environment can also lead to high churn, higher recruitment and training costs, and employee dissatisfaction. So, suppose a business pays attention to safety practices. In that case, it can proactively implement controls and do whatever it takes to build a safety culture across departments by conducting periodic risk assessments.

ComplianceQuest’s Risk Management Software can help to proactively detect, mitigate, and eliminate health, safety, and environmental risks to bridge the gap between operational hazards and enterprise and environmental risks along with:

  • Monitoring, analyzing, and minimizing hazards
  • Enhancing uptime and driving productivity
  • Predicting problem areas using past risk data and reducing the possibility of negative outcomes
  • Manage your entire design control lifecycle
Environmental Risk Management Software Overview

Features of Environmental Management Software

Environmental Management Software facilitates mitigating the associated risks to any organization and managing ongoing environmental events. ComplianceQuest’s environmental management software is designed to easily manage, track, and analyze environmental metrics and gain a holistic view of the business’s performance in these aspects. Some of the features of ComplianceQuest Environmental Management Software are:

Environmental Management Software Features

  • Reporting and analytics: You can create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your requirement using pre-developed best practices-based reports.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration tools enable risk data sharing across all levels and provide management with oversight for informed decision-making. It helps to measure the impact of actions taken to collaborate for greater transparency and effectiveness. It also helps to carry out job safety analysis to integrate accepted safety and health practices into a particular task or job operation.
  • Mobile access: You can get complete access to the solution, such as reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts, etc., with the help of ComplianceQuest’s environmental risk management software from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility, and flexibility.
  • Management oversight: With the automated risk management workflow, safety leaders can ensure process continuity to minimize risks across geographic and office locations.

How to identify Environmental Risk?

Environmental risks are sometimes typical in certain industries. In the oil and gas industry, a higher risk of accidents can be caused, resulting in environmental damage due to oil spilling, explosions, etc. Similarly, the risks increase due to working from heights in the construction industry. In the manufacturing industry, shop floor risks can be caused due to improper equipment maintenance, training, SOPs, etc.

You need lab safety issues and patient safety in the life sciences sector.

So, identifying environmental risk is the first step while examining your operations for hazards by conducting an audit—and categorizing those hazards. Once you sort hazards into broad categories, you can create your frequency and severity scales. The next step is calculating the risk. Several tools exist to help you calculate risks, such as a risk matrix or an FMEA. You want to remember that risk assessment is just a tool to guide your decisions—it won’t solve your problems for you. Too often, people leave it to risk assessment tools via a single location through Field Level Risk, integration of Job Safety Analysis, and Environmental Aspects and Impacts to determine how to handle risks. The truth is that the ultimate decision needs to come from people. Your team needs to review risk calculations periodically to confirm that the results reflect the correct choice in any given situation.

Identify Environmental Risk
Reducing the Health and Safety Risk

Reducing the Health and Safety Risk of Air Pollution for Warehouse Employees

How to prevent Environmental Risk?

To prevent environmental risk, ComplianceQuest’s Environment, Health, and Safety Software is equipped with an in-built Risk Management Solution that integrates with modules such as Incident Management, Supplier, Management Review, Observations, and Permits to Work. Safety leaders can identify, prioritize, and evaluate the risks with the help of all the data from a centralized repository of risks, incidents, and observations. The safety leaders can also create their risk assessment matrix based on the data, and this can be documented, shared, and reviewed from within the system.

In the improvement of the safety culture, the risk assessment matrix can help you to:

  • Improve process efficiency, risk management, and internal controls by identifying risk trends across the enterprise.
  • Analyze and prioritize using all risk data in one place and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to plan the next steps.
  • Estimate the level of risk and likelihood of a hazard occurring with the help of CQ.AI.
  • Drive strategic decisions on potential threats and empower employees to record observations to a centralized risk register.

Finally, automation is an integral component risk mitigation. ComplianceQuest’s automated risk management processes allow a business with the necessary tools to properly identify and deal with high-priority risks cost-effectively and provide key information on critical issues to the management to make informed decisions.

Prevent Environmental Risk with Risk Assessment Matrix

the EHS transformation journey webinar

The EHS Transformation Journey: Where are You on the Safety Culture Path?

the EHS transformation journey webinar
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Benefits of Environmental Risk Management Software

The idea of environmental risk management software is important to every organization as it sets the roadmap for your enterprise to move from one level to another. ComplianceQuest Environmental Risk Management Software offers the following benefits:

  • Early Detection of Risk at Minimal Cost:

    Identifying risks, injuries and illnesses and observing the potential dangers to employee health and safety and environment is really tough due to the lack of business intelligence insights and evidence. It’s also difficult to assess the severity and likelihood of each risk. ComplianceQuest’s risk-aware EHS Management system provides a safety analysis mode, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points mode (HACCP) for detailed insights so that safety leaders can mitigate risks using these strategic data connected to the design process.

  • Mitigating Risk from Reactive to Proactive:

    ComplianceQuest’s Environmental Risk Management Software helps to analyze hazards associated with any process or activity, including Customer Complaints, Audits, Change, CAPAs, Nonconformances, Safety analysis, and Environmental impact.

  • Solve Future Issues:

    To initiate risk assessment, an organization should define risk tolerance thresholds and policies that enable businesses to access historical data. You can get the risk data using the risk register to identify and prioritize risk trends and address the highest risks to solve future issues.

  • Better Collaboration:

    Addressing risks depending on the degree of severity, it is essential to determine metrics for real-time insights by evaluating them. ComplianceQuest’s flexible environmental risk management software is integrated to drive activities that protect and increase your organization’s value.

  • Real-time Single Source of Truth:

    ComplianceQuest’s Environmental Risk Management Software can provide real-time insight into key risks, root causes, risk trends, corrective and preventive action plans, and future incidents for suitable risk mitigation strategies.

Outstanding execution and solution coverage

We implemented this software where I work and have been overall happy with the outcome. After taking a day or two workings to learn the software, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways! There’s also a huge library of training videos provided with the subscription, and an easy to use ticket portal. Moving to CQ HSE was worth the effort and will pay for itself within the year, but what really matters is that we have a fully functional HSE software that can grow and evolve with the business. The mobile features and real-time data capture provides great accessibility to the HSE program for all levels of staff.

Andre Perrault,
Manager, Health Safety & Environment

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Why should you choose CQ’s Environmental Risk Management Software?

Choosing ComplianceQuest’s environmental risk management software can be beneficial as it helps to reduce the environmental risk and offers the following benefits:

risk evaluation

Accurate risk evaluation using standardized forms.

automate risk mitigation tracking

Effective risk mitigation using automated risk management task delegation, alerts, and tracking.

improved business intelligence

Improved business intelligence with risk KPIs, benchmarking, roll-up reports, and an executive dashboard.

handle and report risks

Ability to handle and report risks from anywhere and anytime they occur.

CQ’s environmental risk management software is designed to automate your risk management processes to save time and improve reporting accuracy by monitoring and controlling risks, prioritizing the risk based on category, planning risk responses, and assigning risk ownership as part of mitigation and management roles. So, you can streamline your risk management process with the help of CQ through automatic notifications and KPIs to stay up-to-date with compliance duties and tasks.

  • risk evaluation

    Accurate risk evaluation using standardized forms.

  • automate risk mitigation tracking

    Effective risk mitigation using automated risk management task delegation, alerts, and tracking.

  • improved business intelligence

    Improved business intelligence with risk KPIs, benchmarking, roll-up reports, and an executive dashboard.

  • handle and report risks

    Ability to handle and report risks from anywhere and anytime they occur.

Ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your employees and the environment with CQ’s Environmental Management Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Health & Safety leaders need a risk assessment matrix to plot the risks depending on severity and likelihood. The risk matrix can help safety leaders with:

    • A pictorial representation of the risks.

    • Emphasize the risks that need to be addressed first.

    • Introduce risk control measures within the matrix.

  • Businesses can identify issues and understand their impact in other areas with in-built best practices of an integrated risk management system such as:

    • Risk Register: The risk register keeps all risk items in a central repository.

    • Risk Templates: Risk templates can help to assess risk at every point in your process.

    • Centralized Reporting: Centralized reporting helps to identify trends and develop leading indicators, and pull data from multiple departments.

  • Integrating enterprise risk management with cloud technologies will keep you “up-to-date” by taking advantage of the latest technologies. The future of Environment, Health, and Safety Software will revolve around cloud-based solutions to embrace next-generation technologies like advanced analytics, AI, ML, and NLP. To drive efficiency and continuous improvement, you should have a system that can automatically “predict” risk levels depending on the urgency of a complaint and automatically trigger a CAPA in case of a critical non-conformance. Incorporating cloud technologies with enterprise risk management solutions can accelerate its capabilities in three possible ways:

    • It makes the process more data-driven as cloud technologies offer a bottom-up, data-based ability to find out new risks and categorize them based on reliable information.

    • It makes the process simpler and more secure workflows that unify and coordinate activities across lines of business, locations, and functions. Many organizations rely on cloud enterprise risk management to significantly increase enterprise risk management effectiveness.

    • It makes the process more seamless while making data-backed strategic decisions to improve operations and offset new risks with the help of a comprehensive view of the risk landscape.


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