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EHS Training Management Software

CQ EHS Training Management Software

Training Management System Video

Timely knowledge and skills on health, safety, and environmental management for your entire organization

Protect and equip your team with relevant training to continuously improve
operational excellence and build an
enterprise-wide health and safety culture



Employee well-being is a critical aspect of organizational success. The active participation of employees in implementing health and safety processes is essential to make safety management a part of the organizational DNA. Periodic training on safety policies, standard operating procedures, usage and maintenance of equipment, and job safety analysis is crucial to improve workforce and asset utilization while complying to EHS regulations. Strengthen your organization from within by streamlining the training process and ensuring knowledge and retention.

Provide timely training for your workforce (full-time, part-time, and contract workers) and keep them up-to-date on all health, safety, and environment-related compliance requirements and best practices.

Integrate training with your EHS and enterprise solutions to support a stable, reliable, and repeatable training management process.

Ensure that your entire organization is up-to-date on compliance guideline requirements and working towards achieving new levels of operational excellence.

The ComplianceQuest EHS Training Management Solution is designed to help every individual in your organization by leveraging over 100+ interactive training modules with your health and safety workflow.

Deliver a 360-degree Training Management Process to ensure employee well-being

Employees that feel safe and know that their wellness is taken care of by their company perform better and engage deeply at work. Providing periodic training in relevant skills on health and safety practices improves the overall health and safety culture of the organization. ComplianceQuest’s EHS Training Management Solution enables easy scheduling and implementation of training programs, that can be personalized and customized based on job requirements.

Deliver a 360-degree Training Management Process to ensure employee well-being
Enhance the effectiveness of training programs

Enhance the effectiveness of training programs

Increase training program effectiveness and compliance to workforce competency requirements by seamlessly managing training plans, policies, and learning content. Through workforce digitalization capabilities, improve knowledge acquisition visibility and traceability. CQ EHS Training Management provides a single source of learning content that is easily accessed anywhere to speed up employee adoption. Empower employees to create a culture of transformation and continuous improvement.

Maintain compliance and always be ‘Audit Ready’

Gain a complete view of training compliance with your documents connected to training programs and data that is stored and easily retrieved from one place. As a key regulatory requirement for OSHA and ISO standards, ensure your employees are continually trained with the latest content.. With ready and automated access to new content as it’s developed, your workforce is well-positioned to rapidly deal with new and changing regulations.

Maintain compliance and always be ‘Audit Ready’
Develop personalized and role-specific training

Develop personalized and role-specific training

Define training plans specific to particular job roles/titles to ensure position-specific functionality and compliance. Allow employees to use different approaches to learn specific content. They can read a document or course content online (self-training) and sign off on their own training record; managers can confirm knowledge and signoff, or assessments to verify learning can be made compulsory. With the CQ EHS Training Management solution, you can also build and maintain extendible and scalable e-learning programs for employees to access regardless of location. Easily create new training content as required or integrate with third-party learning management systems. Replace traditional classroom programs and/or supplement your own content with access to ready-made online learning with LearnAboutSafety and SCORM level content.

Maintain up-to-date training records

For each employee, easily record both the training history for documents and courses, what training is required, and what still needs learning and when. Identify training gaps, missed deadlines, and overdue
so employees remain in compliance and properly skilled. With automated tracking of completed courses and training, easily demonstrate your workforce meets regulatory requirements and international compliance (across ISO standards, OSHA and other government regulations). Lastly leverage this system to maintain a resource registry, to easily find the right people with the required qualifications to properly staff your projects.

Maintain up-to-date training records

Support Your Entire Organization


Training Manager/ Coordinator

Reduce cost and save administration time while ensuring the smooth running of training from delivery, to tracking, monitoring, certification, and reporting.


Training Content Creator

Create and update straightforward courses and easily upload SCORM content and assessments to enable unique learning paths and experiences.



Reduce time to manage classroom training, student activities, training effectiveness and overall administration to maximize the teaching process for optimal outcome.


Human Resources

Be confident that new/updated content or processes are easily integrated into employee onboarding and workforce competency programs.


Safety Leaders

Maintain efficient control on training records, verification, and job skill competency to meet safety needs and regulatory compliance.



Easily find and signup for classroom training and access eLearning anytime from any device.

“It’s always a challenge to make sure our globally dispersed teams are consistently and fully up-to-speed on the latest processes and requirements. With constant changes, from new government regulations to updated internal work instructions, tracking who’s completed what is tough. Now with ComplianceQuest’s Training Management, each employee knows exactly what training is required for his/her role, managers know the current status for their teams and we can easily respond to any auditor request instantly.”

–VP Learning & Development, Global Manufacturer

Key Training Management Software System Features

Key Training Management Software System Features

EHS Training Management Features

Training Management System and Employee Training Record  

Employee Training Record

Track training requirements, course completions, and role-specific knowledge needs to ensure workforce competency. Identify training gaps and missed deadlines to remain in compliance.

Training Management Software and Job Function Training Matrix  

Job Function Training Matrix

Eliminate generic, company-wide training requirements. Define specific requirements for each role/function, improving content usefulness and employee completion. Maintain compliance by easily updating new training requirements for just those applicable employees.

Document & Course Catalog  

Document & Course Catalog

Create documents (SOPs, policies, procedures, work instructions, etc.,) or courses (safety training, new employee orientation, etc.,) by utilizing CQ Document Management.

Training Management System and LearnAboutSafety Platform 

LearnAboutSafety Platform

Access over 100 video/interactive courses and micro-learning lessons for instant access to training content based on safety and human resource best practices and compliance requirements.

Training Management System Programs  

Training Programs

Create and manage training programs for courses and related documents associated with active job functions/roles. Identify steps of sequential or parallel training required per function/role. Enable employees to earn required certification for their specific function/role. Trainers can identify flaws in training programs by tracking and managing employee learning progress.

Training Management System and Training Verification  

Training Verification

Verify training knowledge by requiring a manager or a trainer to sign off, confirming trainee knowledge. In addition, an assessment can be presented, requiring employees to take pre-defined quizzes to ensure verification of comprehension.

Employee Learning/Training Portal  

Employee Learning/Training Portal

Employees access individualized pending/required training, track their own training progress, and take actions by the designated due date, eliminating delays in acquiring applicable knowledge. Training Managers get overviews of all pending and completed training, and access relevant metrics. Extend training to supply chain partners with access to relevant content via Partner Portal.

Training Management Software and SCORM Compliance  

SCORM Compliance

Easily upload SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) content to provide video/interactive training content for employee training and corresponding assessments. Employees access all video/interactive content and assessments via an integrated SCORM player.

Document Management Integration  

Document Management Integration

Take advantage of document management capabilities, linking training requirements to specific documents and updates to SOPs and work instructions. Ensure process change information is consistently shared throughout the organization and not forgotten.



Develop job function-specific tests to ensure employees are trained and verify comprehension. Define required passing percentages and the ability to retake exams, thus increasing the compliance and the skill of employees.

Training Sessions  

Training Sessions

Transfer knowledge from one or more documents or courses in a formal classroom setting via sign-ups, course invites, classroom management, calendaring, sign-offs, and assessments.

Online Collaboration  

Online Collaboration

In a more virtual environment, employees can easily collaborate with others (e.g., instructors/peers) via Chatter, the Salesforce platform’s enterprise collaboration software.

Mobile Access  

Mobile Access

Access all training content from any device, regardless of location. Enable employees to learn when ‘on the go’. Completely support all training requirements in virtual (online) environments.

Reporting & Analytics  

Reporting & Analytics

Track all key training metrics via standard and customized reports and dashboards. Access real-time training metrics as needed.

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