Curiosity as an Innovation Driver—Turning Quality Systems from Static to Dynamic
CQ Hero | September 15th, 2023

Curiosity as an Innovation Driver—Turning Quality Systems from Static to Dynamic

People associate the tech industry with grand visionaries like Elon Musk. But for Ben Eder, tech has always been a tool to serve the end customer.

Stepping into his world as Senior Director of Quality at Standard BioTools, it becomes abundantly clear that Eder is not just an orchestrator of a Quality Management System (QMS)—he's a maestro who understands the harmonies of efficiency, service, and technology.

Operating with the foundational belief, "We exist for the customer," Eder continually seeks to provide immediate and tangible value. With the recent integration of Salesforce-supported ComplianceQuest into his team’s operations, Eder is finding more ways to deliver that value.

Eder is surrounded by a passionate team that pushes each other forward. When asked about his leadership secret, he simply replied, "If I'm passionate about what I do, my team is twice as passionate as me." In an industry where processes stifle creativity, Eder’s guiding principle for both his team and the end-user was simple: "If they win, you win.”

Eder started his career in the plastics industry, ascending the ranks before transitioning to the medical devices sector. With a wealth of experience behind him, he utilized ComplianceQuest to automate complex processes, drastically cut down on time constraints, and deliver tremendous flexibility to his end-users and team members. “I've developed a lot of experience in quality management and electronic systems,” he states. “It’s a very, very fun journey. You talk to people that speak this language and understand how these systems work.”

But aside from passion, Eder is also driven by a desire to always be improving. “Every day that you wake up in the morning, you know that you can do better.” Though his industry is inherently conservative, he believes in action over stagnation. "If you don’t do anything, it's always zero percent," he asserts, constantly urging his team to innovate and occasionally stumble, always ensuring they have his full support.

Eder's team utilizes ComplianceQuest for data-driven insights that they use to improve their customers’ lives. This tool has become so pivotal that Eder jokes, "If there's a system shutdown, we can send everybody home."

Outside of work, Eder is a passionate cyclist, gardener, and reader. Ben Eder's story isn’t just about leading a quality assurance team in a tech enterprise. It's a testament to the magic that arises when passion meets profession, and empowerment meets leadership. In a world driven by numbers and bottom lines, Ben Eder stands out, reminding everyone that the real metric of success is the passion that drives us forward.

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