CQ Guide : Everything You Need to Know About Management Review Meeting (MRM)

We must overcome this myth that MRM is for people at the managerial level only because MRM is for managing the organization, and each participant has an equal role to play just as much as the top management.

A Management Review Meeting (MRM) is a systematic process involving all relevant stakeholders, including management and other departments, in discussing company performance, objectives, and processes. It is not just a formality for recording minutes but a crucial aspect of continuous improvement and business excellence. The MRM should have a well-defined agenda, inputs and outputs, and plans & actions to ensure that the organization’s performance and objectives are reviewed, evaluated, and improved where necessary.

Recently, ComplianceQuest presented a webinar on "Management Review Meeting – Beyond meeting and minutes!" This webinar discusses management review meetings, discussions, inputs and outputs, and plans & actions.

cta mrm guide
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