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Change Control Software

Change Control Software


In today’s world, businesses face many challenges such as low economic growth, changing global market conditions, a constant need for innovation, and cost pressures. This requires enterprises to be agile and constantly evolve to meet the challenges. The resultant changes in any aspect of operations can impact multiple functions. Therefore, it requires collaboration between teams to manage the impact of the changes. A holistic approach to ensure that the changes are implemented thoroughly and smoothly is critical to help ensure a beneficial transition while minimizing disruption.

As change gets implemented, it is important to ensure that quality and safety requirements are not compromised. In sectors like life sciences, manufacturing, and other regulated sectors, any change management effort must be accompanied by an audit to ensure regulatory compliance.

A change control software automates and streamlines the process of managing change while ensuring safety and quality compliance needs.

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ComplianceQuest Change Control Software

Manage your entire Change Control Processes with ComplianceQuest’s Change Control Software for flexible, scalable and configurable workflow

Change Control System is an integrated approach that transforms teams, people, and organizations from their current state to their preferred future state. The objective of a Change Control System is to help employees understand, embrace, commit, and accept changes in their current business environment.

With the help of the change control procedures, you can ensure that a change does not negatively impact a product’s quality, safety, or compliance. The major intent of the Change Control System is to:

  • manage each change request from initiation and review/approval through to execution tracking, verification, and closure
  • plan change requests based on directions from the appropriate authority
  • communicate the impact of changes to the team concerned
  • enable the changes to be properly assessed, reviewed, and deployed

Every organization should use modern change control software to help the workforce adapt to the progressive changes for organizational growth and development. It can help an organization to:

  • Understand changing customer needs
  • Set up best practices based on objectives and goals
  • Determine the operational workflows and processes
  • Achieve business excellence in company performance

ComplianceQuest’s Modern Change Control Software can help an organization connect the change control process with other quality processes to enhance continuous improvement by linking users and data through a centralized system.

Change Control Software enables automating the change process from request to closure in the following ways:

  • Request a change
  • Submit and review the change request
  • Change the Request-Response Document
  • Ultimate Decision and Approval

Request a change is documentation used to request the actual change for your process, and the reason needs to be explained for the change ensuring all impacted areas have been identified. This should be included in the review and approval of the change. It’s important to have the request in hand with all supporting statements while deciding on the change. This should include a Change Request Form which outlines what needs to be changed after reviewing and analyzing the impacted areas.

After documenting the change request, it needs to be appropriately reviewed and confirmed for the effectiveness of the change. After reviewing and approving change requests, you can ensure that all the changes are analyzed thoroughly for their impact and processed for implementation.

Change Control Process to Drive Continuous Improvement of QMS Processes

Change Control System
Every organization needs a formalized Change Management System for smoother transitions to newer technologies, systems, processes, and documentation to drive continuous improvement.
ComplianceQuest’s next-generation cloud control system helps you to create a standard process to manage documents, processes, and all types of organizational changes while mitigating operational and compliance risks. With ComplianceQuest Change Management, you can do the following, including,

Documenting Change Requests

ComplianceQuest’s change control management can help you capture change requests consistently and efficiently with the help of business-specific forms. This includes change request date, type, scope, title, description, priority, change requested by, change owner, etc.

Implement Change Effectively and Efficiently

ComplianceQuest’s change management helps you initiate a change request, review impact, communicate with impacted users, perform timely reviews and approvals, document every step, and manage the change implementation by following a standardized process. Thus, you can minimize the change implementation cycle time and its impact on your everyday operations.

Gain Improved Visibility of Changes

ComplianceQuest’s change management software can help you track your change requests’ progress and their status.

Analyze and Monitor the Impact of Change

ComplianceQuest’s change management can help you to effectively communicate the change requirements and review the impact of every change request so that changes in documents, products, and processes, across the organization can be approved and implemented smoothly.

Improved Decision Making

ComplianceQuest’s change management can help you configure reports to analyze data quickly. You can retrieve real-time information using advanced reporting tools. Thus, you can make business-critical decisions and accelerate your business growth.

Maintain Records and Data

ComplianceQuest’s change management software can help you maintain records and data securely on a centralized cloud platform with role-based security controls, password authentication, and audit trail. Thus, you can remain compliant with regulatory standards and help to demonstrate best practices to drive continuous improvements.
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World’s Largest Electronics Components Distributor Uses ComplianceQuest to Manage Document and Training Lifecycle

Change Control Software features

Key Features of CQ Change Control Software

ComplianceQuest’s Change Control Software can help you streamline the process and guarantee consistency and repeatability across the entire change process. Thus, you can improve productivity and reduce the cost of change. The key features of collaborative change management include:
Stage 1

Change Initiation

You can initiate a change and provide detailed information such as the scope of change, area of change, the reason for the change, type of change, proposed change dates, associated risks, expected impact, etc., that may have prompted the change.

Stage 2

Change Evaluation

You can easily route changes to the right team for evaluation, review, assessment, and approval.

Stage 3

Change Execution And Tracking

The assigned tasks should be executed, tracked, and completed by assigned due dates.

Stage 4

Change Verification And Closure

This step refers to assessing the potential outcome of the change on affected products and processes.

Stage 5

Mobile Access

Being mobile-enabled, you can review, escalate, and approve changes anywhere, anytime.

Stage 6

Reporting And Analytics

You can understand changes, find out patterns, and track open change initiatives via dashboards. You also can track deviations per product and report on open or closed changes.

ComplianceQuest’s robust change control software can streamline and automate the entire change control process to boost continuous improvement.

Best ways to Achieve Integrated Change Control with Collaboration and Visibility across the Change Lifecycle

Due to the accelerating digitization in the modern world, the rate of change is increasing. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to avoid turmoil and maintain stability during the change. Organizations must enhance their change management process to be change-ready by increasing the resilience mechanisms and making it efficient for unexpected circumstances.
So, before starting the change deployment, it is crucial to review the change management plan and ensure that it meets these three conditions:
  • Meet your company’s business requirement by determining the status, impact, and
  • effectiveness of change through real-time dashboards
  • Provide consistency, credibility, and foreseeability of services and processes during the change
  • Make sure that your resources are involved with maximum productivity during the execution of change
You can achieve integrated change control across the change lifecycle by incorporating the following factors:

Determine the Intention of Change

You must know why a certain change is essential and beneficial for the process or the product.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

All the stakeholders, including the senior management and leadership, should be involved, and they must understand their role and responsibilities during the entire process.

Effective Communication

It is necessary to communicate when the change will be implemented along with its purpose, the duration of implementation, and from when it will be effective.

Proper Documentation to Support Change

The change should be properly documented as it helps track the change history and reverse the change if an error occurs.

Fallback Procedure

Fallback procedure is required when the change does not perform as anticipated or has a negative impact on the system.

Monitoring the Success

The success of a change should be continuously monitored to ensure that the change can deliver the purpose for which it was implemented.

Driving New Product
Introduction with Endless
Regulatory Change

How various stakeholders use the Change Control Software

In today’s world, changes are everywhere–be it a change in technology, business processes, or product design. Every organization needs a comprehensive method to continuously improve its change management process to synchronize with the change’s type and frequency. You can improve decision-making processes involving various stakeholders by notifying them instantly via integrated enterprise collaboration tools like Chatter available in ComplianceQuest’s change management software.

Employees can endorse change records according to their roles or responsibilities. The stakeholders should be aware of its impact on the associated processes whenever a change is submitted. As it’s a cloud-enabled solution, all stakeholders can work together with any device from anywhere.

ComplianceQuest’s change control software is a configurable solution that can help manufacturers create and maintain procedures to detect, document, verify, validate, review, and approve design changes before their implementation. Being designed on a cloud-based platform, this solution is flexible enough to adapt to the changing organizational needs.

Why is Cloud-Based Change Control/Management Software needed

Moving your business’s critical applications to the cloud rather than using traditional on-premise applications can give you huge benefits such as cost and time savings, enhanced agility, and better quality of service. Cloud-based Change Control Software is needed because of,


Immediate Access

As cloud-based software, ComplianceQuest Quality Management System offers remote and immediate access in a highly secure environment.

Faster Deployment

Cloud-enabled Quality Management System (QMS) solution doesn’t need to install or set up processes at your workplace, thus, resulting in faster implementation.

Maximized Business Agility

ComplianceQuest’s scalable infrastructure can help you to increase storage or add more users as your business needs grow or change.

Minimized IT Issues

ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based change control software eliminates the need to invest in a large internal IT staff and avoid the ongoing IT maintenance hassles. ComplianceQuest can help you save money and maximize resources across all departments throughout the enterprise by delivering unprecedented high value at low cost.
Change Control Software benefits

Benefits of CQ Change Control Software

Effective change control software can provide the following potential benefits in any industry:

Right tick
Enable change visibility by monitoring all change actions to understand how changes progress.
Right Tick
Accelerate change by having a structured process that ensures documents get updated, training gets completed, and processes get updated more efficiently by eliminating the need for emails and meetings and the resultant delays.
Right Tick
Provide organizational governance and oversight by ensuring compliance through documented workflow tracking and monitoring the execution of all changes.
Right Tick
Collaborate with stakeholders across the organization by evaluating, sharing, tracking, and implementing all changes properly.
Right Tick
Systematically establish and follow best practices when rolling out changes.
As subject matter experts, they knew exactly how to translate our company processes, and do them more effectively within the application.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Principles of Change Management?
There are four important principles of Change Control for Quality Management Software, including:
Understand: For an effective change, you need to understand all the key information, including what the change is, how the change will be achieved, and why the change needs to happen.
Plan: A proper plan is crucial to help you formulate action plans required for each change request.
Implement: After planning, you need to ensure that employees understand the latest changes objectively and know how to address training needs, provide support for people across the organization, and set specific success criteria.
Communicate: You must communicate with everyone to understand why the change is happening and how it can be implemented successfully.
Why is Change Management Solution important?
Change Management Solution is essential as it helps to navigate the complexity, coordination, and execution of the change process lifecycle to drive continuous improvement. Change Management Solutions can help to:
  • Promote an organizational culture that supports the change and avoids failures during the change.
  • Discuss openly and not modify the strategic direction during the change journey.
  • Recycle organizational and technological learning from past experiences.
  • Based on the design, the levels of experience, phases of learning, and various activities of each unit, it is important to establish a clear, structured framework for managing change effects.
  • Develop tools, methods, roles, and skills for execution by keeping change management on top of the executive agenda.
  • Improve and increase customer and employee experience.
  • Enhance engagement and minimize costs.
  • Reduce resistance dependencies while maximizing innovation.
What is the difference between a Change Management Solution and Change Control Management?
Change happens in every industry regardless of its size. Organizations use Change Management Solutions and Change Control Management correspondingly to accomplish and track changes. Change Management refers to the complete period of a particular change procedure, while Change Control is a certain element of the overall Change Management procedure. Change Control Management can help you adapt to market trends, improve products or processes, and remain competitive.
Change Management Solution
Change Management Solution refers to a systematic approach to enacting and tracking change within an organization. Every organization has its Change Management procedure based on what kind of industry it operates in, what kind of standards and regulations are applicable, and what kind of processes your organization operates daily. Some major elements to proper Change Management Solution are:
  • Identifying the problem at the initial stage of a change
  • Initiating a change request
  • Getting approval from stakeholders
  • Implementing the change with a strategy
  • Tracking the success of the change after being implemented
Change Control
Change Control can help you assess suggested changes while evaluating risks and opportunities before going ahead with the new process. The Change Control Solution can help you prevent organizations from initiating too many unwanted changes.
What KPIs indicate a successful change management process?
While reviewing the change plan, you should evaluate whether the change management process needs any modifications based on the below metrics that predict:
Successful Changes: This refers to the number of changes that have been implemented successfully.
The Backlog of Changes: The backlog of changes refers to the number of incomplete changes.
Emergency Changes: The emergency changes are the number of changes accomplished.
Backed-off Changes: This refers to the number of changes that are being reversed.
System Availability: Change management can help you ensure that the system availability does not get affected due to a change or improvement.
How does ComplianceQuest's Change Control Software help businesses?
CQ’s next-generation Cloud Control System is specifically designed to capture, analyze, and implement changes, confirming effectiveness. CQ helps organizations prepare for all the change-related challenges to make every change a smooth transition while staying compliant with regulatory standards.
CQ Change Management can help you and your supply chain partners establish and follow best practice workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and communicate changes in real-time from suppliers to prevent supply chain disruption.

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