Case Study | December 28th, 2022

Complaints Resolution Transformed: 3 Companies Implement Next-Gen Complaints Solution

Complaint handling is an evolved process of many steps, needing the complaint to be recorded, delivered to the authorized person, follow-up action taken, etc. Finally, it culminates with solving the issue for the customer and communicating the same. In some cases, it requires collaboration with suppliers to resolve a complaint.

The only way to do this right is to embrace digital transformation. A well-designed complaint management workflow, coupled with a flexible, scalable, and cloud-based platform solution is a no-brainer in today’s context.

This e-book talks about three such success stories where the seamless integration of ComplianceQuest’s next-generation Complaint Management Solution completely transforms complaints resolution processes.

Cask Global Canning Solutions (Cask) is the inventor of micro-canning, which offers innovative and affordable canning systems for small scale breweries, wineries, cider mills, and craft drink manufacturers worldwide. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, with a satellite location in Ireland, the company has installed over 1300 canning systems in 60 countries across the globe.


  • Paper-based quality management system
  • Limited RMA capabilities
  • Manual, time-consuming process impacted growth potential
  • Disorganized, running out of physical space

A Massachusetts-based biotech company is focused on bringing innovative medical device solutions to market. Founded in 2015, with services including finishing and assembly, packaging and labeling, sterilization management, and regulatory registration and compliance, the company provides lifesaving solutions that benefit patients across the globe.


  • Start-up company with a new product launch on the horizon
  • Inability to handle large volumes of consumer complaints
  • Security and privacy issues with shared complaint management data
  • Complex integration between two companies

SPR Therapeutics is a medical device manufacturing company specializing in neurostimulation technology, a revolutionary drug-free pain management therapy. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, SPR Therapeutics is a privately held company dedicated to providing a new standard of care.


  • Dozens of different software solutions to learn and manage
  • Premise-based manual systems
  • The need to be future-ready
  • Lack of scalability

Download this success story e-book to read the transformation journey of complaints management of these three companies.

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