Is Your QMS Future-ready and Future-proof?

Is Your QMS Future-ready and Future-proof?

From being an on-premise solution, QMS technology has evolved over the last few years. Today, it leverages cloud hosting and is offered as a ‘Platform-as-a-service’ model to enterprise customers. This makes it customizable and cost effective, with the ability to fit into the varying workflows of multiple customers.

This has enabled a modern EQMS such as Compliance Quest to overcome the challenges faced by legacy vendors of technology stagnation. By leveraging a strong business cloud platform such as, we are confident of being able to navigate future technology revolutions.

The Platform assures us the following fundamentally sound principles of:

  • Trusted security
  • Always on availability
  • Performance at Scale
  • Application innovation
  • Multitenant infrastructure

By building on this platform technology, Compliance Quest is able to assure its customers of a solution that ensures configurability, workflow management, multi-language capabilities, mobility, improved security, better enterprise-wide integration and audit trails which is crucial for compliance and administration. 

But over and above that, Compliance Quest is able to drive innovation into its solutions, fitting in seamlessly into complex business scenarios. 

Depth and Breadth of Solutions, an Important Parameter for a World-class QMS 

The EQMS from Compliance Quest is designed specifically to meet the growing demands of enterprises across industries. We have the experience and expertise to serve customers in manufacturing, life sciences, cannabis, CPG, aerospace, automotive and hi-tech industries. 

ComplianceQuest’s 12 Key Solutions take cognizance of the regulatory and competitive environment where quality, cost, compliance and customer relationship are the key determinants of success. The 12 key components are also modular, allowing business to choose to implement any based on their business goals and priorities. These include:

  • Audit: An electronic and automated approach to audit management across the enterprise
  • CAPA: For continuing improvement, corrective and preventive action
  • Change Management: Across the organization, enabling collaboration and governance for efficient changes
  • Complaints Handling: To ensure customer loyalty by addressing complaints efficiently
  • Document Management: Managing version control and ensuring access to relevant information at all times
  • Equipment Management: Keeping all manufacturing equipment in supreme condition through periodic maintenance
  • Incident Management: Identifying, understanding and correcting potential hazards in the workplace, including incident reporting and acting upon incidents
  • Inspection: Assuring quality products and services through periodic review and mid-course correction where needed and also enabling pre-audit inspections
  • Nonconformance: Ensuring compliance across departments and locations and enabling mid-course correction in case of any deviations
  • Risk Management: Operational risk tracking and evaluation
  • Supplier Management: Managing quality across the supply chain
  • Training: Identifying skill gaps and facilitating learning to propel organizational growth

These modules integrate with the organization’s ERP, CRM, PLM, LIMS and other critical systems seamlessly to deliver on the four critical areas of EDMS, QMS, Supplier Management and Complaints/Field Service Quality.

Moreover, ComplianceQuest is also built to be collaborative and mobile-ready, empowering employees and partners to work remotely and yet have access to the systems on a need basis with sufficient authentication and security. ComplianceQuest’s agile-based system implementation methodology simplifies deployment, fitting the solution to the specific requirements of the business regardless of its size. 

In fact, Frost & Sullivan recently recognized ComplianceQuest with the 2019 North America Customer Value Leadership Award for streamlining quality, compliance, content, and collaboration management initiatives through its product.

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