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Implementing ISO 9001 has become an essential part of many organization’s growth strategy. It is impelled by the need to deliver customer delight, meet international quality requirements and effect continuous improvement (in terms of quality management) in one’s own organization.

At ComplianceQuest, we’ve helped customers at 1000+ locations around the world implement an automated workflow for quality control. We believe that the following five factors will determine how well ISO 9001 will be implemented in your enterprise.

Commitment from the Top: The effort has to be driven from the top, with the senior management completely committed to achieving compliance to ISO 9001 requirements. Sometimes, the management may sign on the dotted line and kickstart the initiative, but if it does not follow through by being involved in the actual process, then it can set a bad example that comes in the way of creating a culture of quality. The top management’s lack of commitment can be a result of the following three reasons:

a) Lack of awareness
b) High turnover at the top – leading to lack of continuity of vision
c) Low dedication to quality-related metrics due to other business priorities

However, compliance will in fact create confidence in the customers about the business’ commitment to quality and efficiency. It will be the driving force behind the company’s quality policy as well as implementation. A well-implemented ISO 9001 process will, in fact, make life much easier for your entire workforce. When the ISO 9001 workflow is automated, it’ll also help your people develop an inherent quality culture.

Employee Motivation: Taking care of day-to-day operations and meeting deadlines may seem more important to your employees than introducing quality related documentation and procedures. Resistance to change is a known human failing and lack of clear understanding of the processes as well as the need for and impact of change can lead to a failure of ISO implementation. Clear communication and employee buy-in are crucial to its success. It is crucial that your on-ground team is involved in the ISO 9001 implementation process from the very beginning. Co-create and collaborate with your on-ground team to ensure the implementation is successful.

Knowledge Sharing: It can be inferred from the above two points that proper knowledge regarding ISO compliance and implementation is an essential factor for its implementation to bear results. It begins by understanding the following:

What ISO 9001 implementation requires
Where the organization currently is in terms of its quality efforts
Gap analysis
Developing a plan to overcome those gaps by adhering to a quality standard like ISO 9001

4. Planning: Lack of planning has caused many ISO 9001 implementation projects to fail. Devise a strategy that has the following:

Realistic timelines
Allocation of resources
Assessment of risks and opportunities
Set periodic audits
Measure progress and take corrective action in case of deviations

5. Allocate Budget: ISO implementation will need financial support for consultants, training, quality resources, to pay auditors and pay for the certification.

If a business is new to ISO or any quality standard in general, going alone can be daunting and require a steep learning curve. Also, automating the quality adoption process and the entire quality effort can help the organization experience the true benefits of adopting ISO 9001.

ComplianceQuest, a 100% modern cloud-based Enterprise Quality & Safety Management System (QHSE) goes above and beyond the requirements for ISO 9001:2015 while automating your entire quality management system requirements. Our product and automation features significantly reduce the efforts involved in maintaining your ISO 9001:2015 Quality System. The product is designed to deliver flexibility, scalability, customizations and data visibility.

In addition, it provides a complete view of your organization’s data – a key aspect to drive continuous improvement of your quality management process.

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