Why Quality is a Key Lever of Any Business Continuity Process
Blog | May 15th, 2020

Why Quality is a Key Lever of Any Business Continuity Process

COVID-19 has become a health crisis of unimaginable proportion – it’s become almost impossible – both for individuals and enterprises – to decide ‘What next?’

There are several looming questions, often with unclear answers. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, and decision makers are turning to ‘Scenario Planning’ to decide on next steps. Simply put, decision-makers are keeping their options open and planning for multiple scenarios with variable timelines.

From cost-cutting measures to right-sizing there are several challenges leaders are grappling with. But there is one glaring problem faced by most manufacturing, life sciences, automotive, aerospace, and CPG companies. And that is the problem of a broken supply chain.

McKinsey recently published an article on how companies can restart and rebuild their supply chains, especially if there is a reliance on Asia. The article highlighted how there were two common challenges across most suppliers. One, a problem of number of people returning to work on the shop floor; Two, productivity of the workforce. The problem of productivity was primarily because of new people who were not familiar with processes.

At ComplianceQuest, we recently authored a whitepaper on ‘How an EQMS can help drive Business Continuity, as we gear up for a ‘New Normal’.

The paper focuses on why ‘Quality’ is a key part of any company’s business continuity strategy. It is the feedback loop that ensures the in-place continuity process is working for all stakeholders. At ComplianceQuest, we’re looking at serving our clients with a few key solutions that are integral components of any BCM implementation.

For example, a crucial element of any enterprise’s business continuity plan will be to meet all regulatory requirements. Supply quality, supplier qualification and supplier management are critical elements of any business continuity process. This is also a time when there are more people working remotely, calling for some change management, more training, an automated approach to managing complaints, taking corrective action and even document management.

A cloud-based product like ComplianceQuest is well-suited to serve customers that need automation for any of these aforementioned processes. If your company has an on-premise system, the time is NOW to quickly jump into a real cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

The paper highlights why quality is a key lever of any BCM program.

  • As a first step, to ensure stability across the enterprise, collaboration and communication across critical business processes is absolutely essential. The CQ product can help deliver that.
  • Once stability is established, organizations can scale up or down depending on their business context. A flexible and customizable solution works best.
  • The key is to be well-placed in terms of digital transformation — to scale rapidly once the macro environmental challenges go away. A cloud-based product to drive this digital transformation effort can go a long way in enabling scale.

If your organization is looking to put quality at the center of your business continuity strategy, ComplianceQuest can help with the following solutions:

Read this Whitepaper for a more comprehensive analysis of why quality management is key to business continuity operations. https://www.compliancequest.com/whitepaper/beyond-covid-19-how-an-eqms-can-help-drive-business-continuity-as-we-gear-up-for-a-new-normal/

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