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ComplianceQuest recently launched LearnAboutGMP – an exceptional library of macro and micro online training for life science companies. Our courses will be engaging, actionable and ensure that your workforce not only completes necessary courses but also internalizes a culture for high-levels of quality and compliance.

Also, LearnAboutGMP will be embedded inside ComplianceQuest’s Training Management Module to ensure our current customers in Life Sciences have access to a wide range of training material. Our courses are on-demand and reinforced with micro-learning modules in addition to quizzes and games that will catalyze the learning process.

In this post, we share five reasons why LearnAboutGMP can make a huge difference in the process of building a culture of quality and compliance across your entire organization.

# 1 Increase Productivity & Efficiency across the workforce

Prashanth Rajendran, CEO of ComplianceQuest, says: “Our aim is to be a part of your core training department working hand-in-hand to deliver the best training solutions. We consider ourselves an extension of your business to help increase productivity, cut costs and ensure ongoing compliance – because that is what quality is all about.” High quality learning content can make your entire workforce more efficient and aware of quality and regulatory requirements. The course catalog includes modules on Good Manufacturing Practices, MDSAP, ISO 13485 and a range of other regulations.

# 2 Constantly evolving content to match regulatory changes

In-house creation of training content can be a challenging process. While quality leaders at life sciences companies may understand evolving regulations, the challenge often lies in communicating these changes. Specifically, there are two processes involved in creating training programs; one – creating the content itself without jargon and complicated terminology; and two – distributing this content to your workforce. LearnAboutGMP by CQ takes care of both of these for you with ease.

# 3 Integrated with rest of CQ Solutions

At ComplianceQuest, we have served 100+ customers in the life sciences space. Our 12 Solutions including Audit, CAPA, Change, Document Management and Training to name a few. With LearnAboutGMP embedded inside our Training Management Solution, we’ve enabled on-demand learning within the EQMS process, making the entire process of consuming knowledge easier.

# 4 New method of deploying training with micro-learning

Sometimes it can become tedious to learn from watching long-hours of videos or even attending in-house training programs. The key is to deliver training on-demand, so people can learn and refer back as needed. LearnAboutGMP’s microlearning library makes it easy to enroll and learn in short bursts and only what is relevant for one’s context.

# 5 Drive Change for Better Culture

Broadly, training is a critical part of building an enterprise-wide culture of quality. It is critical to spread awareness about quality, safety, and compliance across your workforce. It is certainly not only about handling regulations and meeting all global standards, but a culture that gets people rallying around the cause of top-notch quality.

We hope LearnAboutGMP will play an integral role in this process.

Visit https://www.compliancequest.com/learnaboutgmp-on-demand-training/ for more information on our training collection.