Management Review Automation like NEVER BEFORE!
Blog | November 23rd, 2021

Management Review Automation like NEVER BEFORE!

Let’s play out this hypothetical scenario. The quality leader at a fast-growing medical device company is gearing up for a management review next month. She pulls up ComplianceQuest EQMS and schedules the meeting, invites attendees, and documents the agenda directly from the system. After all, our Management Review module comes with inbuilt meeting management functionality.

With about 20 days to go for the meeting, she ropes two key members from the quality team to check if there’s anything in the data and quality control tower that needs to be addressed in detail ahead of the meeting. She nominates another colleague to review the status of action items from the previous management review conducted a couple of months ago. These action items and call details are well recorded in the system as our automated Management Review Solution provides visibility across the whole process and keeps track of decisions made during every review meeting and also on the progress for each action item in real time.

She knows the team has been monitoring the key stats frequently with the intuitive and visual analytics dashboards provided in the Quality Control Tower of the Management Review module. The metrics in the Quality Control Tower change in real time, so it’s easier to analyze specific KPIs as needed. So she isn’t worried about any last-minute red flags or quality gaps that went unnoticed earlier. She is aware of the various quality issues that have been detected recently, and their progress to resolution.

Earlier, the days leading to the management review meetings used to be filled with the frantic collation of data, verification, identifying gaps, and hasty resolution efforts. Now, having moved to a fully next-gen automated system, the entire process is simple and intuitive. She feels in charge and truly on top of key Quality metrics. She has top-down visibility into the performance indicators and has powerful system capabilities to effect resolutions, study the results, and feel confident that the Quality metrics are as they should be. This system minimizes communication gaps, streamlines workflows, and allows the entire team to run a data-driven, collaborative process.

Broadly speaking, the CQ Management Review product not only helps streamline the Management Review meetings with powerful Automation features but also empowers the quality team to stay aware and effective towards the Organizational Quality Processes.

For the leadership team, it was easy to get up to speed on all relevant data. The control tower was a boon, as it gave them a quick overview of the status of quality across the organization. The ability to track the status of action items after the management review meeting was a blessing as well. The best part: they were able to review real-time data, not outdated metrics.

Management Review Automation certainly made life easier for both the executives and the quality team.

We are already the #1 EQMS software for Ease of Use on Capterra as per User Reviews. As we always try to stay one step ahead in providing effective ways for our customers to manage compliance risk and enable risk-based decision-making across the management team, this Management Review feature becomes a major milestone for us in being able to meet our customer requirements more holistically and effectively while providing a path to digital excellence.
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Key Benefits For Effective Management Review

As per the definition of ISO, a Management Review is:

a formal, structured meeting that involves top management and takes place at regular intervals throughout the year to improve both quality and safety systems across your organization.

The purpose of conducting these periodic reviews (from a quality and safety management perspective) is fairly well-defined:

  1. Evaluate the current state of your organization’s QMS and safety management system to drive continuous improvement
  2. Measure, track and monitor all key quality indicators (both leading and lagging), metrics, and KPIs regularly
  3. Make sure the quality and H&S team can collaborate seamlessly with the rest of the organization to get things done
  4. Track status of regulatory compliance
  5. Ensure the team is progressing on improving metrics related to complaints, non-conformance, CAPA, and incidents
  6. Overall, keep the executive leadership informed and ensure transparency of quality and H&S data/information with all key stakeholders

However, to ensure that management reviews are truly effective – the process must be digitized.

With ComplianceQuest Management Review Software, we ensure companies have comprehensive control over how management reviews are conducted to not only meet regulatory requirements but also ensure all key stakeholders collaborate to improve overall performance in terms of quality and compliance. Ideally, a management review of the quality system must be conducted every quarter.

A good management review process will include the following steps:

  • Well-planned agenda
  • Pre-planned list of attendees
  • Set of metrics, leading and lagging indicators to be analyzed
  • Documented meeting minutes and follow-up actions clearly noted down
  • Documents, supported by data, to analyze risks and opportunities
  • Documentation on status of regulatory submissions
  • Finally, owners listed for action items and tasks

It is also designed to ensure that the executive leadership has visibility into how ISO, FDA, and other regulatory requirements are being complied with.

In this blog, we would like to highlight a few key features/capabilities of the ComplianceQuest Management Review product.

  1. Document Meeting Agenda: Document the agenda for the meeting and set aside time for various topics of discussion
  2. Schedule Meetings: Schedule meetings with relevant stakeholders
  3. Control Towers/Dashboards: Track a set of metrics and KPIs on an ongoing basis; Track new metrics as needed — with the goal of enabling continuous improvement
  4. Track & Assign Action Items: Document meeting minutes, action items, and allocate tasks to relevant personnel for acting on. Track and monitor progress made on these actions
  5. Ease of Collaboration: Communicate using Chatter and tag relevant team members whenever needed
  6. Reporting & Analytics: World-class dashboards, reports, charts, and analytics for improved decision-making with data at the core
  7. Mobile Access: Access data and documents from management reviews and meetings anytime, anywhere
  8. Integrate with Risk Management: Seamlessly connect with CQ Risk Management solution to plan mitigative actions for new risks identified during the review process
  9. Automate Regulatory Reporting & Track Submission Timelines: Management documents and any timelines associated with regulatory submissions
  10. Compilation of all Management Review Meetings: Find meeting minutes and data from old management reviews with ease

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