Applied AI Series: Improved User Experience for Quality and Safety Teams
Blog | December 13th, 2022

Applied AI Series: Improved User Experience for Quality and Safety Teams

Last month, we published a Whitepaper on Applied AI – Going Beyond the Buzz and Delivering Real Value to Quality and Safety Leaders.

In the paper, we focused on how our EQMS and EHS solutions were using AI features and capabilities to deliver real business value. The product management team at ComplianceQuest leveraged the CQ.AI framework to help quality and safety teams save time and enhance the efficiency of operations using intelligent automation and recommendations.

We also published the Applied AI Blog series to showcase specific AI capabilities we have built across the following solutions:

AI-powered User Experience to Save Time and Increase Adoption

Quality and Safety processes can be complex especially if being performed with legacy systems. These processes can also involve many repetitive tasks or redundant and time-consuming efforts. As a result, employees can feel discouraged and be wary of adopting their organization’s system, which could in turn threaten product quality.

As you’ve seen from the previous use cases we described, the AI in ComplianceQuest is weaved into the platform and works behind the scenes to make quality or safety tasks and processes much easier. More importantly, it is designed to reduce redundant tasks such as duplicate records or actions and automate the most time-consuming tasks such as identifying reoccurring complaints or audit findings.

ComplianceQuest also simplifies quality and safety workflows and helps users go through the process with intelligent next-best-action recommendations (NBA) at every step, in every process. All these features augment the user’s capabilities and significantly enhance the experience for anyone that interacts with the platform, increasing adoption, efficiency and reducing errors.

The platform also comes with AI features that help non-frequent users. In addition to offering NBAs for every process, the platform comes with a personalized user interface for each user that shows them their pending tasks and trainings. The interface offers an AI assistant to help employees report issues they encounter on the job; as the employee is entering the description of the event, the AI assistant quickly identifies the reported issue as a Complaint, Safety Incident, or Change Request based on the description provided.

In summary, when using CQ, users spend significantly less time searching for data they need or performing repetitive tasks, they are guided through every step for increased efficiency and are served up predictive analytics for better decision-making, all in an extremely user-friendly interface.

use case user experience challenges

AI Features for Improved UX

  • Recommend Next Best Action across several quality and safety workflows
  • Recommendation of issue category based on report description

Key Benefits

  • Improved adoption by both frequent and non-frequent users
  • Increased completion of Quality and Safety tasks by all users including training and approvals
  • Decreased risk and cost of non-compliance
  • Lessened impact of new hires in call centers and quicker onboarding
real use case user experience benefits

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