EQMS for Manufacturing in the 2020s
Blog | February 11th, 2020

EQMS for Manufacturing in the 2020s

We got some good feedback from several quality leaders for our Factor 8 Blog Series, a collection of eight blogs that focused on how quality leaders must go about choosing the right EQMS for their enterprise.

This positive feedback led us to create another content series. We’re calling it The EQMS for X, a collection of articles on how the ComplianceQuest product can be customized for various sectors and enterprises.

As you’re probably already aware, ComplianceQuest has served customers in over 800 cities across the world in several sectors including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Cannabis, Consumer Packaged Goods, General Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

In our first blog in this series, we’re focusing on EQMS for Manufacturing.

So, what are some big trends shaping this sector, especially from a quality perspective?

  • Industry 4.0 is now a reality
  • Big Data is helping manufacturing companies improve on various fronts including quality, cost and delivery thanks to Industrial IoT
  • Supply Chain Quality is key. Your manufacturing process may be absolutely robust, but supplier quality issues can cause major bottlenecks
  • An IDC survey suggests over 40 percent of all manufacturers worldwide will embrace enterprise-wide digital transformation by 2021
  • Predictive maintenance and remote monitoring are now a reality, but it does cause some cybersecurity challenges
  • Manufacturing is now truly global with multiple factories to be monitored all at once. It is also critical to monitor the entire value chain of an enterprise
  • Last but not least, the manufacturing sector is a classic example where any digital transformation effort will have to balance the old and the new. Legacy software cannot be booted out overnight and the transformation process will have to be smooth

The Role of an EQMS

Even as these trends become a reality, what is the fundamental role of an EQMS?

The answer is simple: Ease of quality and compliance processes. And, make it robust.

What does it take to make the life of a quality leader in manufacturing simpler? We certainly don’t want to make life any more complex than it is already.

An EQMS like ComplianceQuest built on the Salesforce.com platform works with quality leaders to deliver the following experience:

  • Kickstart digital transformation of quality and compliance with a robust document management system, and any other solutions you may need
  • Ensure the EQMS integrates with your other ERP and CRM tools. This could be SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Rootstock or any other products in the market
  • Once this is done, CQ will ensure a closed-loop system to track all quality events across your manufacturing locations worldwide
  • The CQ EQMS will become the gold source of data, with visibility across the value chain of all key quality metrics and data
  • Supplier-related quality metrics can be monitored with our dedicated supplier solution
  • Our solution fits into your process, ensuring smooth regulatory compliance across various geographies / locations
  • Specialized equipment and Incident Management Modules are deployed to monitor quality events on the factory floor
  • The Audit and CAPA Solutions, in tandem with compliant and non-conformance management will drive operational excellence, while also ensuring regulatory processes are smooth
  • The Training Management Solution can be customized to distribute training programs for key personnel
  • Risk and change initiatives can be tracked with a data-first mindset
  • And finally, quality insights can be drawn by easy access to custom dashboards that can also be accessed on a mobile device

In all of this, the key point to note is this. The EQMS system is designed for automation and customization. A quality leader can choose the modules that are applicable for his or her context to begin with and scale as the enterprise evolves.

Overall, a real-cloud based EQMS drives efficiency and productivity while reducing complexity of operations.

Request a demo and we can share more insights of how ComplianceQuest has delivered digital transformation and automation for several manufacturing companies around the world.

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