Customer-Centric Approach to Product Development
Blog | July 30th, 2020

Customer-Centric Approach to Product Development

We recently published a whitepaper titled ‘Five Guiding Principles for a Next-Generation EQMS’.

The paper focuses on the specific advantages of using an agile, flexible, connected, and data-driven QMS and why such a system is essential to pursue quality excellenceacross the organization.

The five guiding principles we highlight in the paper are:

  • Core Quality Promise
  • User Experience
  • Data-centric approach
  • Standardization and Flexibility
  • Continued Improvement

Our leadership and product teams identified each of these principles through an in-depth analysis of customer requirements and a keen understanding of “problems to be solved” for quality leaders.

From a customer perspective, the problems that needed solving were extremely clear:

  • Our customers needed a solution that made life easier for a quality leader. They didn’t want to force-fit an EQMS and redesign internal processes and workflows. It had to be the opposite. The EQMS would fit in seamlessly with the current workflows and automate critical tasks.
  • Customers wanted easy access to data across the full lifecycle of the system. Data visibility, seamless flow of information across the system, and easy integration with ERP and CRM systems were critical factors.
  • Additionally, a truly connected enterprise needed a quality management system that would generate predictive insights using data. It had to treat data as an asset. A next-generation EQMS had to offer automated decision-support, based on pre-defined data models.
  • Customization and flexibility are absolutely essential for any agile enterprise. The EQMS had to be flexible in terms of user growth, solutions needed, and new integrations that had to be added. For one enterprise, complaints and CAPA may have been the first solutions needed, before adding other features. For another organization, initial solutions required might have been supplier qualification and supplier management. The ComplianceQuest EQMS built from the ground-up on the Salesforce platform offers just that. It is flexible, scalable, and customizable, in addition to being highly secure.
  • Needless to say, a next-generation EQMS has to enable continuous improvement of quality processes for the customer. It must help the quality leader drive collaborative initiatives, so the entire organization can develop a mission to drive quality excellence.

As detailed above, we designed our entire system keeping in mind the specific requirements of our customers. This customer-centric approach to product development was the key to identifying these guiding principles.

Read this Whitepaper for a more detailed perspective on what makes an EQMS truly next-generation:

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