A Safer Tomorrow with CQ’s Safety Essentials: Do More with Less
Blog | September 4th, 2023

A Safer Tomorrow with CQ’s Safety Essentials: Do More with Less

Last month, our product and marketing teams attended an excellent conference with safety leaders from across the U.S. and Canada. We had the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with safety professionals from sectors like manufacturing, biotech, MedTech and pharmaceuticals.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by safety professionals - especially in the SMB segment - include the following:

  • Manual processes
  • This often results in poor safety data quality and productivity loss
  • Inconsistent approach to safety management
  • Which makes it difficult to identify safety risks and get actionable insights
  • Resource constraints - ‘Do more with Less’
  • Safety leaders don’t have enough bandwidth to focus on the most important activities
  • Noncompliance with regulatory requirements like – OSHA, RIDDOR, etc.
  • Which results in huge fines, poor reputation, and unplanned shutdowns

Need of the Hour: Simple Software, Quick Implementation

To address these challenges, safety leaders in the SMB sector are looking to implement a modern, next-generation EHS platform with focused functionality. They want the following:

  • Focused EHS software platform with functionality in specific modules
  • Out-of-the-box functionality aligned with best-practice workflows
  • Accelerated implementation timelines
  • Module selection and module add-on flexibility

The key goal here is to move away from legacy or manual systems, and implement a cloud-based solution where accessing safety data/information and collaboration becomes easy. Having structured workflows and having basic EHS reporting & compliance capabilities are critical drivers.

Three Ds of Product Development Lifecycle

Some of the first safety processes that must be streamlined include incident management, audits and inspections, safety training and document management. Having the ability to manage the safety of contractors and building a culture of total worker safety are important considerations as well.

CQ’s Safety Essentials: What do SMB Safety Leaders Need?

Safety leaders at fast-growing, safety-first organizations are looking for a way to make the following happen:

  • Core set of digital solutions to kickstart safety programs to protect people and property
  • Smart data that provides insight into potential risks and prevents the occurrence
  • Built-in best practices that drive productivity and the right safety behavior
  • Processes where there is a confidence that it meets compliance requirements
  • Foster safety culture engagement amongst employees and contractors

CQ’s Safety Essentials has been built keeping this requirement in mind.

Key Functionality of CQ Safety Essentials:

  • Online and offline auditing and inspections
  • Manage end-to-end incident lifecycle
  • Complete compliance management and reporting
  • Control and track safety training and documents
  • Identify risks and implement mitigation strategies
  • Drive productivity and increase collaboration with access to the system on the mobile
  • Inbuilt analytics and AI platform to answer unanswered questions

Designed specifically for growing companies, CQ’s Safety Essentials is a pre-configured Safety Management Software Solution that gives organizations tools to ensure safe people, a safe place, and a safe process – at a cost companies can afford.

Three Ds of Product Development Lifecycle

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