Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Chooses ComplianceQuest for Improved Document Control and QMS
Blog | November 30th, 2022

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Chooses ComplianceQuest for Improved Document Control and QMS

A leading specialty chemicals manufacturer was looking to replace an existing document control system, which was not working well. They also needed to comply with CFR requirements and onboard other QMS functionality. The QMS modules they were interested in included Document, Training, Change, Non-Conformance, CAPA, Supplier, Audit, Inspection, and Incidents.

ComplianceQuest not only offers all these products but each of them is packed with powerful functionalities. From a built-in 5 WHY whiteboard for better root cause analysis to powerful AI functionalities. Moreover, being built on the industry-leading Salesforce platform, CQ EQMS provides unbeatable security, scalability, integrability, connectedness and future readiness to our customers.

Moreover, ComplianceQuest offers real applied AI features that are implemented into day-to-day tasks and processes. Our applied AI based modules provide not only quality managers, but all users, with intelligent recommendations, advanced decision-making features and predictive analytics to reduce errors, improve efficiency and boost innovation. Know more about our AI capabilities here.

The chemical manufacturing company evaluated us along with several competitors. They spent a significant amount of time doing deep dives into our core functionalities with heavy focus on Document, Training, Change, Nonconformance and CAPA solutions. Furthermore, they wanted to know how we will handle HACCP requirements, Salesforce integration, change management for process changes, document changes, equipment changes, new product management/launch, etc. In essence, they wanted to check how we will facilitate easy implementation so that their team can manage the changes with the least disruption.

They were impressed with our out-of-the-box functionalities. In fact, we have been complemented often on our out-of-the-box product.

“The CQ product `out of the box’ meets the majority of my requirements. No customization required!” Donna M., Sr. Director Quality, Just-Evotech Biologic

“When we saw the out-of-the-box supplier configuration, it was better than we could have imagined.”Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems, Arc One

Additionally, we did IT diligence for the manufacturing company to ensure that we can support SSO, MFA and can open native document formats. The high configurability of our system and the ability to manage different sites in different languages helped them make the final decision.

Ultimately, after 90 days of evaluation, they picked us! We are thrilled to partner with one more manufacturing company towards their quality excellence goals.

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