A Cloud-Based Document Management System is Critical to Deliver Customer Service Excellence
Blog | July 20th, 2021

A Cloud-Based Document Management System is Critical to Deliver Customer Service Excellence

Key Takeaways

  • Improve storage, retrieval, archiving, review, approval and version control of documents with a cloud-based Document Management that is flexible and scalable
  • A centralized document management system provides easy access to relevant information — to respond to customer requests with agility and speed
  • A document management system that is integrated with your EQMS will help improve collaboration, productivity and quality metrics across the enterprise
  • Tracking document change is a critical component of document management

From supplier contracts to customer complaints, a business has to deal with records and documents across every function. Many times, multiple teams need to access the same document and end up creating their own versions, causing confusion later — as keeping track of the changes can become difficult in a manual or siloed system.

Additionally, this lack of document version control has an impact on the quality of customer service due to mismatch in data, delays in accessing the right information, difficulty in collaborating especially remotely and poor response to customer queries. Compliance with regulatory requirements of document management is another challenge when outdated, legacy document management systems are used. Protecting customer confidentiality can also become difficult in the case of on-premise document management systems.

It is a No-Brainer: Your Enterprise Needs a Cloud-Based Document Management System

The reasons for this are straightforward:

Efficient Storage: Storing reams of papers and files can occupy space and make retrieving the correct document extremely difficult. Also, regulators require a document trail for change management, and this adds complexity to the management of paper documents. An electronic storage system makes it easier, but here too, multiple versions may start floating in the absence of a centralized system. A well-designed document management system must simplify storage, retrieval, tracking, as well as archiving and deleting as needed, by creating a central repository of all documents with proper filing systems.

Improved Collaboration: Even remotely located teams can access the same documents, make changes, get them reviewed and approved, all in one place with a cloud-based document management system. It also allows for tracking changes with information on who made the changes and when. This allows for corrections and retrieving previous versions in case of any errors.

Privacy and Security: A document management system also allows you to set access rights so that only authorized entities can access the documents. This is also a regulatory requirement. Therefore, with a document management system, you can improve compliance while assuring customers’ information privacy by preventing unauthorized access.

Workflow Integration: Being cloud-based, a document management system like the one from ComplianceQuest can be integrated with the rest of the quality management system workflow. This is a great asset when responding to customer queries as other related data can also be accessed from within the system in a timely manner for improved service quality. Similarly, updated information becomes available to all the relevant functions for further action and improvement.

The need for greater efficiency and improved customer service is driving growth for the overall global document management system market. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.05% from USD 5.51 billion in 2020 to USD 11.47 billion by 2026.

Impact of a Cloud-Based Document Management System (DMS) on Customer Service

Huhtamaki, a Finnish food packaging company, operating in 81 sites across 35 countries, offers paper and plastic disposable tableware for quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants. The company did not have a centralized document management system or an automated process for complaints handling. They were using a patchwork of manual systems, including email, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Excel and Access, but due to poor access to critical documents, data, facts and figures, addressing customer complaints was becoming difficult. The company has 22 food service sites across the globe, and the company’s legacy system was getting stretched.

The key challenges faced by the company were:

  • Difficulty in accessing critical information. For instance, if a customer asked for an ISO certificate, just finding the certificate and sending it took a few days
  • Manual and siloed systems were causing unnecessary delays
  • Collaboration among team members was messy
  • Adopting a fact-based approach to quality management was turning out to be impossible

By implementing ComplianceQuest’s cloud-based Document Management System and Complaint Management solution, the company streamlined and automated the end-to-end quality management process.

In fact, the company realized that the first step to the digital transformation of quality processes was implementing a document management system.

Thanks to ComplianceQuest’s DMS, Huhtamaki has experienced the following tangible benefits:

  • Current and consolidated data across sites
  • Increased efficiency, time savings
  • Simplified complex systems and procedures
  • Faster, better service for customers

Additionally, the quick generation of reports and dashboards is also enabling decision-makers to have site-level visibility — by product or complaint type.

Specifically, the document management system helped with the following:

  • Faster response times due to access to relevant information
  • Greater cost efficiency due to improved productivity resulting from a centralized repository of data
  • Fewer errors, easier collaboration and enhanced information security

“You don’t realize how hard life is without a great quality management system until you have one”
– Customer Quality & Compliance Director, Huhtamaki

Read Huhtamaki Case Study

ComplianceQuest Document Management System for Customer Service Excellence

The ComplianceQuest Document Management System is a comprehensive solution aligned to various regulatory requirements including ISO 9001 and GxP standards. A few key features include:

  • Centralized database
  • Revision tracking, reviews, and approvals
  • Workflow integration and management
  • Collaboration/vault
  • Release management
  • Integrated change management
  • Document-based training
  • AI-powered search
  • Mobile access
  • Enterprise-grade security

The ComplianceQuest Document Management System is part of its Salesforce-based enterprise-wide quality management system, aimed at improving the overall quality of processes across the organization. The integrated DMS workflow helps with sharing and standardizing best practices across the organization. It also helps with the automation of new processes as the business scales.

By being tightly coupled with ComplianceQuest’s Training Management Solution, it also enables the team to be current with the latest policies and SOPs. The DMS notifies employees when CAPA-driven processes or work instructions change and enables effortlessly tracking of all appropriate reviews that have occurred. Employees can respond to audits with detailed data on who has been trained on new/updated documents.

To find out more, request a demo here: https://www.compliancequest.com/online-demo

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