A Month of Learning: ComplianceQuest Drives Operational Excellence Through Product Quality
Blog | September 1st, 2020

A Month of Learning: ComplianceQuest Drives Operational Excellence Through Product Quality

The coronavirus pandemic has created chaos in the economy. Perhaps no more has this been felt than in manufacturing, where companies have been trying to adjust to operating at reduced capacity. Medical device, biotech, and other highly regulated industries are also trying to maintain quality, health, and safety to meet those regulations with fewer resources.

Fortunately, ComplianceQuest offers solutions built and run on the Salesforce platform that helps these companies with product and process quality and employee safety solutions.

ComplianceQuest offers integrated enterprise-grade quality, health, safety, and environment management software that helps customers of all sizes deliver quality products and services in the safest, most sustainable way by mitigating risk, problems, and inefficiencies while protecting customers, employees, suppliers, and brands.
ComplianceQuest is a partner in Salesforce’s Month of Learning, which demonstrates how manufacturers can make every link in their value chain count to achieve digital optimization across the entire enterprise. ComplianceQuest helps to repair the weak link between quality and manufacturing ERP for increased operational excellence.

Any manufacturer that needs to interact with products, whether produced by itself or by a supplier or when the product is with a customer, must manage quality, efficacy, and safety.

According to Prashanth Rajendran, CEO of ComplianceQuest, his company’s solutions provide the framework that helps ensure that products purchased or made are of the highest quality. ComplianceQuest solutions offer a wide variety of features, including Product Inspections, Audits, Nonconformances/Deviations, and Corrective Actions.
Says Rajendran, “By seamlessly integrating and interacting with Rootstock Cloud ERP, also built on Salesforce, we enable companies to bring quality into the process as opposed to being an after-thought.”

ComplianceQuest is not only about product quality; it’s about operational excellence. When all manufacturing processes required to make a high-quality product can be digitized, optimized, and managed effectively, then you have operational excellence. Because both ComplianceQuest and Rootstock Cloud ERP are powered by Salesforce, all processes, from order management to purchasing to fulfillment and customer service, are linked together on a single unified platform to drive operational excellence.

“The most important thing enterprises ask for is a solution that is highly capable but at the same time configurable so that the solution meets our changing business needs," says Rajendran.

Configuration flexibility comes with the Salesforce platform. “We know that the only thing constant is change, so we drive operational excellence through future-proofed solutions from Rootstock and ComplianceQuest,” Rajendran says. “The 100% cloud-based platform gives enterprises the time, energy, and space to focus on their core business of making great products.”

Product Quality in the Age of COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, ComplianceQuest continues to help its customers maintain the highest levels of compliance and quality. Here are just a couple of examples of how they are accomplishing that:

  • For customers who were unable to manage the systems on their own either due to attrition or business changes, ComplianceQuest has pledged help keep those company’s systems operating at the same capacity levels as before COVID-19. To that end, ComplianceQuest launched the Covid-19 Response Toolkit, which has been accessed by more than 250+ companies to help them manage the crisis remotely.

The Covid-19 Response kit has helped a number of ComplianceQuest customers re-tool their quality and safety procedures by enabling wellness verification, injury or incident reporting processes, and more.

“Just knowing the employees are safe on a daily basis has allowed the executives to manage their workforces effectively since it is costly to hire and re-train staff in a regulated market,” says Rajendran.

A Month of Learning

ComplianceQuest is part of the Salesforce Month of Learning. Customer stories, white papers, demos, and an exclusive four-part webinar series from Salesforce and its partners will showcase how manufacturers can digitally transform their businesses.

The theme of a Month of Learning is how manufacturers can make every link in their supply chain count to achieve digital optimization across the entire enterprise.

ComplianceQuest’s featured webinar will demonstrate how Quality and ERP need to connect, integrate and interact actively to provide a platform for operational excellence. They will be presenting a product demo to show how the data flows between the two solutions by automating the critical supply chain and manufacturing processes while providing the enterprise with a single user experience.

In addition to ComplianceQuest, three other Salesforce partners are participating in Month of Learning:

  • Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a flexible and scalable solution system that connects the entire organization and helps them deliver a more personalized customer experience.
  • Propel offers a unique Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that helps manufacturers connect Engineering and Sales to manage all of the complexity that goes into designing today’s products. Propel’s solution enables faster time to market, faster decision making, and greater collaboration.
  • Tavant provides innovative digital solutions that help companies navigate the customer aftermarket experience by connecting warranties and service, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

Visit the Month of Learning site here.

Visit Month of Learning Partner pages here:

  • Salesforce
  • ComplianceQuest and Rootstock
  • Propel
  • Tavant

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