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EHS Audit Management Software

EHS Audit Management Software

Enhance and Automate Your EHS Management Performance with a Highly Integrated EHS Audit Software

Introduction to EHS Audit Management Software

EHS audit software provides an overview of your compliance programs and identifies gaps that can minimize the organization’s overall risk before a government or regulatory body does. ComplianceQuest’s EHS audit software can help you to,

  • Simplify compliance by implementing an EHS policy and objectives
  • Identify the EHS hazards and risks to mitigate them
  • Maintain the continual improvement of an EHS management system maintenance
  • Ensure safe operations to protect employee health and performance, enabling environmental sustainability, transparency, and performance
  • Drive insights that predict future performance with analytics of historical data for better and faster safety and sustainability decisions
EHS Audit Management Software
ComplianceQuest Audit Management

ComplianceQuest’s environment health safety audit software also protects the health and safety of workers and simplifies regulatory compliance by managing internal audits, inspections, reporting, and documentation efficiently.

Manage your entire audit lifecycle with ComplianceQuest’s audit management software for flexible, scalable and configurable workflow.

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Features of EHS Audit Management Software

ComplianceQuest’s environment health safety audit software monitors and schedules report generation and data aggregation for any number of internal or external EHS audits.
Easy-Going Scheduling

Easy-Going Scheduling

You can easily initiate an audit or schedule recurring audits and then manage them across multiple business locations. You can use a desktop or mobile device to capture audit details.
Increase Audit Productivity

Increase Audit Productivity

You can track and monitor key milestones and manage stakeholder involvement within a single online system across multiple company locations. Thus, you can increase audit productivity using centralized audit history for simplified record-keeping and compliance.
Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

You can create comprehensive audit forms, checklists, and the necessary documentation to ensure the accuracy and integrity of audit data. Automated data collection can trigger audit workflows, stakeholder notifications, and report generation.

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EHS Audit Management Software Benefits

The benefits of EHS audit software includes the following,

Consolidate Your Data

You should centralize audit data from all company locations into a single system of record for streamlined data collection, faster data retrieval, and simplified reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Simplify Audit Planning

An environment health safety audit software can help to identify, record, and mitigate hazards efficiently by automating audit planning, scheduling, and alerts to plan and respond effectively.

Generate Accurate Reporting

With the help of EHS audit software, you can generate quality audit reports with just a few clicks.

Better Compliance with Greater Visibility

You can manage audit data and processes from quality to EHS and compliance while reducing time and effort. Additionally, you can achieve a holistic view of organizational performance and compliance through standardized report templates, reporting dashboards, and scorecards.

Decrease Audit Costs Across Your Organization

ComplianceQuest’s environment health safety audit software can help you avoid duplicate processes by standardizing the assessment of regulatory compliance across your organization, thus reducing overall audit costs.
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PGT Innovations Adopts Cloud-Based QHSE, Transforming Quality, Health, and Safety Automation Systems

Process of EHS Management Audit Software

EHS audit software is built to increase performance and outcomes with financial advantages over the regular audit. The audit process can take several weeks following three primary phases, including the pre-audit, the on-site, and the post-audit phases.

Pre-Audit Phase: In this initial phase, you can develop a schedule, notify the selected facilities, select teams for each audit and coordinate with the sites before the audit. Before starting the audit process, you can communicate with the facility and share the results with them. After receiving all the information from the various sources, the Team Leader or Lead Auditor should conduct a team meeting to review. Once the review is done, all of the final arrangements should be communicated with the facility to avoid any misunderstandings.
Post-Audit Phase: In this post-audit phase, you can focus on finalizing the draft report, assisting the site in developing a corrective action plan, or approving it when submitted and monitoring all findings through to completion.
On-Site Phase: On-site phase activities during the audit include audit opening conference, an orientation tour, applicable program reviews, employee interviews, daily debriefings, record reviews, recommendations development, pre-closing conference with EHS personnel, and the closing conference with the full staff to review the draft report.

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We chose to implement CQ’s Non-Conformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management and Related Training, Audit and Supplier Management. Works as shown. It is easy to configure, manage and use. We chose ComplianceQuest to address our ISO 9000 compliance, other regulatory requirements and Continuous Improvement needs. Our criteria was that the software should be cloud based, address the ISO 9000 requirements well, easy to implement, accessible from anywhere and also from any device. CQ has been by-far the easiest and Customer service is by far the best.
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Tools to Implement EHS Audit Management Software

Tools that can help you implement environment health safety audit software include risk management, document control, and corrective action.
  • Automated Document Control: Using an automated document control process, you can see who created documents, when they created them, and if any changes have been made since. You can also link related items to documents such as employee training, corrective action, and audits by integrating with other EHS management systems.
  • Track EHS Training: You can keep track of who is pending for what training, what training is time-consuming and difficult by doing it with spreadsheets. You can assign training and send out email reminders by creating groups of employees by department or role.
  • EHS Audit Management and Documentation: EHS audit management tools can indicate hazardous non-conformances, sync and circulate findings, and assign corrective actions connected with audit items.
  • Automated Corrective Action: Automating corrective action can help you to link corrective actions to source records like audit findings and non-conforming materials and create different types of workflows for various corrective action categories.
  • Risk Management Tools for EHS: Risk management tools can help you prioritize corrective actions by risk level and control risk at the design phase using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Best Practices of EHS Audit Management Software

Employees are the main assets of any company, so every organization needs to keep them safe and comply with regulations and standards. Incorporating audit management toward the environment, health, and safety management is the key to the success of your business, as these following practices can help maximize the stability and safety of your operation.

You can recognize existing or potential hazards in any effective safety and health program with the help of an EHS audit system. This also can ensure compliance with safety regulations after a thorough examination of the processes and workplace.

Records: Injury reports, confined space permits, written plans, or other documentation are included in records. During the safety inspection, the compliance officer will review these records.
Employees: Employees should get training to ensure knowledge and understanding of their work safety.
Training: Training and documentation should be updated and reflect your current operations.

How Does CQ EHS Audit Management Software Help?

ComplianceQuest’s environment health safety audit software provides a comprehensive approach to the audit schedule with automated email alerts and notifications. Auditors can perform remote audits using a mobile phone or a tablet, plan, schedule, perform and publish safety audit reports across your organization at ease. CQ EHS audit software can help you by,

Creating Your Audit Plan

You can create your audit plan by customizing a safety inspection checklist, audits forms, and templates to meet your organization’s workplace safety requirements and other regulatory standards.

Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime

You can access audit data from remote locations, leverage the cloud database to enhance data sharing, and store and retrieve data from anywhere, anytime.

Publish and Review Audit Reports with Approval Workflows

Auditors can submit the reports for review and approval to the reviewer.

Quality-centric companies rely on CQ QMS

Manage your entire audit lifecycle with ComplianceQuest’s audit management software for flexible, scalable and configurable workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EHS Audit Management Software Important for an Organization?

Environment health safety audit software is important for an organization as audit management is changing how companies improve the environment, health, and safety (EHS) performance. You can collect and share information from multiple sources with closed-loop processes to record findings, create recommendations, and implement action plans. You can easily configure or modify audit schedules, scope, processes, standards, expected evidence, and lists. Therefore, your EHS team can make efficient decisions.

How Do You Define the Future of EHS Management Software?
There has been more data on the number of fatalities and injuries at the workplace due to accidents in recent years. So, today, organizations have understood the value of digitized inspection, simplified data, employees’ well-being, quality control, and regulatory compliance. Thus, the future of the EHS audit system looks promising with advancements in technology.
Can EHS Audit Software Mitigate Risks of Health and Safety of Any Worker?
Environment health safety audit software can help identify and mitigate risks to the health and safety of any worker by covering more inspection checklists and analyzing insightful data. In ComplianceQuest, you can take quick corrective measures, track performance, status, and plan for the future with the help of real-time smart data.

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